Discovering Island Interiors

When people visit islands on their sailing trips, they oftentimes just stick to the coast and the nearby restaurants. That is a shame because island interiors can hide just as spectacular secrets as the coast. One of the great ways to discover entire islands is by bike. Read our skipper’s suggestion on what to see withing some of the Croatian islands!

Nečujam – the Largest Bay on Šolta Island

Nečujam is the largest bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It used to be very popular among the Roman nobility, which included the Roman emperor Diocletian. Nowadays, this bay is a favorite for the citizens of Split and houses more than 2,000 summer homes. Likewise, it is very visited in high season by day-trip boats. Because it gets crowded during the season, visit it after the summer ends to get the same experience as the Roman nobility did!

Stomorska – The Return to Innocence

On the island of Šolta, there is a small village of Stomorska. Unlike other tourist places, the village still has the old Mediterranean atmosphere. It is perfect for those who wish to spend a peaceful holiday swimming, sunbathing and eating simple Adriatic food. To learn more about Stomorska, read this post.