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Yacht Transfers – A Good Job or a Bait for Inexperienced Sailors?

What do you think about yacht transfer in the wintertime? Is it a good job or a bait for inexperienced sailors? The important thing is to think good and hard about the conditions, both weather and the terms of the job. As always, safety first…

Let’s Cross the Atlantic, Why Not?

My friend and skipper decided take the job and transfer a yacht from Almeria, Spain to the Caribbean. The preparation was split into two parts – one was reserved for education while the other was reserved for equipping and refitting the yacht.

The Journey across the Atlantic Comes to an End

The journey across the Atlantic is reaching its end. Nights are spent in keeping watches, and days in admiring beautiful but potentially dangerous whales. Barbados is spotted long before it is finally reached, and the journey ends in the proper Bajan fashion.

The Traverse

In this post we are talking about a sailing route from Almeria, Spain through the Strait of Gibraltar. However, the crew wanted to visit the Cabo Verde, so they had to steer alongside the coast of Africa, which eventually led them to the Caribbean!

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