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Sailing Holidays in Turkey, a Country of Gulets

Yacht charter in Turkey

Located on the crossroads of the European and Oriental, Turkey offers a two-in-one experience.

Where To Sail: Greece or Turkey

It’s always hard to choose a sailing destination. Especially when it’s between so beautiful sailing countireto sails. Both have a lot to offer and sailing either one would be unforgettable experience for sure. We hope this text will…

Kusadasi on Turkey´s Aegean Sea


On of Turkey’s most popular sailing destinations is Kusadasi, on the West of Turkey, located on the Aegean Sea. Our guest blogger, Inka Piegsa-Quischotte, wrote an article about Kusadasi. It is a place that offers a taste of true Turkish culture.

Port Alaçati – Nautical Paradise Where East Meets West


Alaçati is located on westernmost Izmir peninsula on the Aegan Sea. This spot was recognized by windsurfers who, in fact, made the first promotion of Alaçati as a sailing destination. Port Alaçati has 260 berths in the sea and 100 dry berths. Alaçati is definitely worth visiting when you are planning your sailing trip to Turkey.

Why Fethiye Should Be on Your Mind While Planning Sailing in Turkey?

Ölüdeniz , Fethiye

Fethiye, in the province of Muğla, in the Aegean Turkish region is an excellent choice for your sailing trip. Fethiye offers wonderful and exciting activities during the day and a relaxing and fun nightlife. You can visit the Fethiye market, climb up the hill and visit Fethiye Rock Tombs or enjoy sand beaches and beautiful landscape on your charter yacht.

Top 5 Sailing Destinations in Europe


The top five sailing destinations in Europe are: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Spain. All of the destinations offer many interesting places, historical sights and beautiful beaches. Whichever destination you choose, we are sure you will have a great time.

Enjoy a Traditional Turkish Meal on the Terrace of the Lovely Deniz Kizi in Marmaris, Turkey

Deniz Kizi Restaurant

Marmaris is a very popular sailing destination in Turkey. When you arrive there, you will want to try traditional Turkish food. We recommend the Deniz Kizi restaurant in the small village of Sögüt in the Marmaris province. Their menu includes daily fresh fish and seafood, as well traditional dishes.

Easier Path to Favorite Marinas and Beaches in Greece, Turkey and Croatia – Online

MySea nautical guide

A new online nautical guide for the most popular sailing destinations in Europe – Greece, Turkey, Croatia – is called mySea. It is a database with more than 25.000 points of interest for sailors and travelling enthusiasts. Anyone can upload new data accompanied by a real photo. mySea will soon be available as an application for your smartphone.

Start in Bodrum and Sail the Gulf of Gökova

Bodrum, Turkey

The gulf occupies the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, located between the Bodrum Peninsula and the Datça Peninsula in SW Turkey. The Gulf of Gökova (Gökova Körfezi) is also known as Gulf of Kerme (Kerme Körfezi), which stands for “Ceramic Gulf” in Turkish.

Spots to Visit When You’re Sailing in Marmaris, Turkey


Marmaris is one of the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean and if you decide to charter a yacht there or happen to find yourself sailing in the vicinity, you will surely want to know which restaurants are worth a visit.

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