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Weather Forecast for Summer in Croatia 2015

According to long-term seasonal weather forecasts, this summer in the Adriatic will be exceptionally warm and sunny. This means that the weather will be substantially different from the last year’s weather, characterized by constant rains and bad temperatures. This news will satisfy all visitors who are planning to charter a yacht and sail the Croatian Adriatic!

Windria – the Most Precise Weather Routing Application

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Windria is a new sailing application that helps you plan your sailing route according to optimal winds. It is the world’s most accurate wind map. It informs its users about winds, temperature, waves, currents, pressure, etc. Windria provides information for the Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Sea with the precision of 1 km and for the rest of the world with the precision of 5 km.

Has Winter Finally Come to an End?

Winter in Croatia

Every culture, region, or community have their own legends, beliefs and experience which help them establish when one season of the year ends, and another begins. The same goes for people whose livelihoods depend on nature. Better than anyone else, they have learned to predict the weather and recognize the shift of the seasons. This post talks about such people in the coastal region of Croatia.

Shaka – Mobile Wind/Weather Station In Your Hand


Estonian developers called Shaka company presented their revolutionary devices known as Shaka Wind Meter and Shaka Weather Station. The device looks like a small key chain in the shape of propeller. The software that does the measuring is available online as a free application.

Windria – Apps, Apps Everywhere

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Windria is a smartphone application that helps you plan your sailing route by giving you a wind forecast for up to three days in advance. It provides data for Aegean, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Balearic, Norwegian and Ionian sea and the Gulf of Bothia.

The End of Summer

Although the summer weather this year was far from the usual, the end of summer should still be celebrated. At the Adriatic it is done by organizing a grand regatta – Regatta Mrduja that will be held for the 83rd time between Split and the islet Mrduja. Local sailors consider it a family tradition.

All About the Monsoon Winds

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The monsoon climate, in South and Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean and some regions in North Australia and Eastern Africa, is characteristic for monsoon winds. Monsoons seasonally change their direction and characteristics, blowing from the sea in the summer and from the continent in the winter.

Forget About Me, It’s Jugo Time

Jugo is a warm and humid wind in the Croatian Adriatic that blows from the SE. It brings bad weather and clouds and lasts from three to five days. Jugo is also characteristic for the mood it brings and the way it affects Dalmatians. This mood includes slight headache, disorientation, dizziness and bad temper.

Meltemi – Is Literally Everything Romantic About Sailing Greek Waters?

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Meltemi, summer northerly winds, are characteristic for Greek islands. They generally blow from June and July till the end of of September and the beginning of October. Sometimes the meltemi can reach up to 7 or 8 on a Beaufort scale. Be sure to check the weather forecast.

What’s Better than Lazy Sailing in the Sunset with Maestral Wind?

Maestral, also called zmorac, is a summer breeze blowing in the Croatian Adriatic. It is a moderate wind that reaches its peak between 2 and 3 PM and dies with the sun. It is perfect for lazy sailing and relaxing. Maestral is a sign of a stable atmosphere and brings just the right waves for sailing.