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One Way Charter – Pros and Cons

One way charter means check-in at one base and leaving the vessel at another base. This way you will not make a full circle, but can continue your journey after disembarking, but there is a great possibility that you will pay extra for the transfer of the yacht back to the original base.

Do I Need a Professional Skipper for My Sailing Trip?

If you are not confident with your sailing skills or you did your sailing exam recently, it is recommended to hire a local professional to teach you about local waters and regulations in ports and marinas. In such situation it would be very useful if you consider your skipper as a tutor on your sailing trip and try to do as many maneuvers as possible on your own.

Make Your Sailing Trip More Comfortable

One of things that yachting people are always lacking is space. Regardless of the size of your yacht, there is always missing just a little bit of space here and there. But, with a good planning that small issue could be solved.

Rule of thumb: when packing for your trip try to think on those things that you would not survive without and your yacht will become bigger for sure.

Island Hopping on a Luxury Motor Yacht

Imagine fast moving yacht cutting waves while cruising from bay to bay during your island hopping week, feeling the wind messing with your hair while your loved ones are heaving sunbathing session on the bow. What could be more fun?

Additional Equipment According to Your Charter Contract

When you charter a yacht, you have to sign a charter contract. Before signing it, it is always useful to read it, even though it may seem boring to you. Charter contracts clarify which equipment on your yacht is additional. That way, you will not be surprised when you get your receipt after sailing the yacht. Read our post and check out which equipment is usually charged extra.

How Much Does It Cost to Spend One Week Under Sails?

One of the most frequent and most rarely answered questions about sailing is: “How much does it cost?” The reason why it is impossible to give a simple answer is the fact that there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. They include location, time of the year, the number of persons aboard and the type of the yacht. Likewise, there are additional cost that should be considered. This interesting post will give you a thorough insight into the costs of sailing.

Monohull Sailing Yacht – Pros and Cons

For those who have classical approach but modern point of view, sailing monohull sailing yacht would completely fulfill their expectations. It is often more important to carefully choose those you are about to sail with than to choose the type of the sailing yacht!

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