Top 5 Sailing Destinations in Europe

Europe has always been one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, due to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with perfect climate and sailing conditions. The Mediterranean is home to some of the most amazing countries which attract numbers of sailing enthusiasts each year. There is a lot to see in each of them, so take your time and enjoy the beauties of untouched nature, interesting culture and much more. Here is our list of top 5 sailing destinations in Europe:
  1. Croatia This small country in the Adriatic Sea is a land of many islands and diverse nature and culture. From north to south, there is much to see there, starting from the historic city of Pula with an amphitheater, the National Park Brijuni on the island of the same name, the harbor of Rijeka, islands of Cres, Krk, Lošinj, Rab and then further south the towns of Zadar, Split, Šibenik and Dubrovnik with smaller islands scattered in the Adriatic, as well as many monuments and places of interest.
  2. Greece The land of four seas, Greece has been a sailing destination from ancient times. Apart from its really long and interesting history, Greece boasts beautiful nature, pristine waters, charming islands and wonderful weather. If you are in the vicinity, visit the Aeolian and the Ionian Islands, take a dip in the clear turquoise sea and enjoy knowing you are right where history was being written.
  3. Italy Italy is much more than just a land of pizza and pasta, it has some of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world. Apart from the Adriatic coast, Italy also opens up to the west Mediterranean and is home to one of its most amazing islands, Sicily. The sailing conditions are perfect there and if you happen to take a trip inland, you will also have much to see.
  4. Turkey Turkey is known as the Mediterranean jewel. It lies at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, which shows in its culture that differs considerably from the rest of the Mediterranean countries. That is precisely what makes it unique and worth visiting on your charter yacht. The most interesting destinations there are the towns of Marmaris and Bodrum; however, there is much more to Turkey than just that.
  5. Spain Spain is one of the countries where the Mediterranean temperament and way of life most vividly show. The larger cities such as Barcelona have all the services and amenities one needs on a sailing vacation and there is one must-see when you’re sailing in the area – the party island of Ibiza. Of course, the country’s culture and architecture is the number one attraction, coupled with beautiful beaches and nature.
The choice on the perfect destination for sailing in Europe is completely yours, depending on your preferences and interests. However, whichever destination you decide to visit on your charter yacht, you will surely be amazed by the exquisite waters, the sun and sand, together with the famous Mediterranean hospitality. If you want peace and quiet in a secluded location, each of these countries offers plenty of those as well. Europe awaits you!

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