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Windria is an outstanding sailing application. We have already written about it, and you can visit our previous post for additional information. After testing it on numerous occasions, the company Sailing Europe has started a successful cooperation with this excellent application, the results of which you can check on!

Windria is one of the most precise weather routing tools. It helps you plan your sailing route by predicting the winds in the area and adjusting your route according to optimal winds. The app gives you the information about the weather for the next three days, so you can plan your route in detail. We have already written about this excellent application, so you can visit our previous post for additional information. In the meantime, the app was tested by the members of our team and we have started an excellent cooperation with this company, which you can check on!

Another great thing about this app is that it gives you the information about your desired anchorage. By selecting a location where you want to anchor your yacht, you will receive the data about the wind and the sea, as well as the information about the safety of anchoring (expressed as a confidence level in percentages).Aside from being the world’s most accurate wind map, Windria informs its users about numerous other aspects of weather, such as temperature, waves, currents and pressure, as well as tide forecasts. Again, the app uses the best available local prediction models, so you should receive highly precise information. What is more, Windria possesses a smart alert system that warns you about heavy weather and stormy conditions ahead of you. This system will alert you even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Windria provides weather information for the Adriatic, Ionian and the Aegean Sea with the precision of 1 km, as well as for the rest of the world with the precision of 5 km. It works well on all devices (desktop computers, tablets and smartphones). The app designers are also planning to introduce new services, such as “Enter the speed of your boat”, as well as Departure Planning, Route Suggestions and Points of Interest (marines, restaurants, etc.). No doubt that Windria is definitely becoming one of the most useful applications for every sailor!

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