Top Charter Gulet Destinations

Cruising on a gulet has become a extremely popular charter holiday option recently. It is no wonder since gulets offer romantic and relaxed sailing holidays. Among the most popular gulet charter destinations are most definitely the birthplace of gulets - Turkey, and countries with thousands of islands - Croatia and Greece.

The Turks have given the world the wonderful vessel that is gulet. Due to the tradition of sea holiday adventures in gulet ships, cruises in Turkey are today considered as the single most adventurous, enjoyable and relaxing holiday there is in the world.

Chartering a gulet in Turkey brings a holiday of beauty and tranquility. You will spoil yourself rotten luxury while sitting out on the deck in the middle of the sea surrounded with natural beauties that Turkey abounds in. Add to this the legendary hospitality of the Turkish people, the fun activities included in the itinerary, and of course the excellent Turkish cuisine, you will not have to ask why Turkey is such a great gulet destination and why gulet cruises in Turkey are amazing experiences.

Croatia as one of the top gulet destinations offers incredible beauty of the coast and amazing historical places. What makes Croatia so special is the fact that Croatia is among the rarest of all historical destinations that has that much history combined with the beauty of its natural scenery. Croatia offers gulet cruises that are some of the most brilliant sea experiences a cruise lover can ever dream of.

Croatia as a gulet charter destination gives you the opportunity to wake up on a different island each day of your gulet charter holiday. From the famous Dubrovnik and the island of Vis featuring the Blue and Green Cave to the unmissable Kornati Islands, the world heritage islands. Besides these amazing locations, there are more than enough other towns and islands to be explored, and to be cruised among. Croatia gulet charter cruises will take you to a world of breathtaking waterfalls, small picturesque villages, to ship wreckage sites and to tourist towns.

Greece as a gulet charter destination offers an adventure of a lifetime. The relaxing atmosphere, the luxury of being aboard a beautiful wooden vessel, the beauty of the open sea, and the freedom of traveling among islands without packing your bags or waking up from the deck, makes gulet cruises in Greece an unparalleled experience. Experience the most beautiful sunset in the world on Santorini, the sandy beaches of Mykonos and partying on island Ios. There are also Greece's archaeological wonders that are a must-see when visiting this beautiful country.