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SailingEurope Contact Team

Diana Šikić

Even though for the great part of my life I was involved with books and even had my own bookshop when I discovered sailing I instantly fell in love with it. I have a degree in Russian language and literature and I am true fan of russian hockey. I am detail oriented, thorough and perfectionist in whatever I do and when communicating with clients I try to provide as much quality information as possible and be at their disposal.

Kruna Šolić

My career path was somewhat different than it is usual. I spent over 4 years working in a museum since I adore culture, history and art. Traveling is my passion and I also lived in Spain and Italy for a while. I consider myself to be positive, enthusiastic and happy person and I always try to transfer my positive attitude to our clients. I love going to seaside, love to travel and dance flamenco in my spare time.

Marcela Kabelac

Even though I finished agricultural and commercial school I have been involved with sailing for the great part of my life. I live in Munich and I represent SailingEurope on German, Czech and Slovak market and love to communicate with our customers. I often spend vacation in Croatia sailing and exploring Croatian coast and islands. My free time I spend with my husband and my two beautiful kids which have been center of my world for the last couple of years.

Tatjana Zeher

I have always loved working with people, but I never thought I would end up in the yacht charter business. When I realized that this will be an excellent opportunity to combine my degrees in the Italian and South Slavic languages and literature and helping clients plan their vacations, I was thrilled! I consider myself to be patient, which comes in handy in communication with clients. Since I have started working in SailingEurope, with its perfect combination of adrenaline and relaxation, sailing has become one of my favourite outdoor activities and I am grateful that I work for the company which provides me the ultimate experience of sailing.

Karlo Nutrizio

I have been doing sports all my life, so when I started working for SailingEurope and discovered how exciting of a sport sailing is, I was thrilled! Having a degree in informatics from the Faculty of Economics, I am very interested in working with new technologies we offer, constantly improving them. I would describe myself as patient, calm and level-headed, but with a good sense of humor, which helps a great deal in communication with the clients. I like challenges, especially when it comes to finding the exact right boat for a client, even when it seems like it is already booked or unavailable.

Renato Samardžić

As a linguist, I do translating and proofreading. As a copywriter, I do marketing. As a salesperson, I do whatever is in my power to give clients the best possible experience before, during and after their sailing holiday. As an entertainer, I put smiles on my colleagues' faces. As a multitasker, I tend not to live a monotonous life - I create videos and travel in my free time.