Be a part of the event whose aim is to connect business(wo)men in one place and discuss the digital transformation of industries.  The Business Sailing Congress 2018 - Digital Transformation will be held from 12 to 15 May 2018 on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Croatia, just before the start of the high sailing season.

Developing new strategies to meet the market’s needs is a crucial part of staying in the loop. Since technology is taking different shapes on a daily basis, it is of high importance to build processes that will meet customers’ demands and ease the work in general. Business models are going more mobile and less static – this is why digital transformation is an imperative in today’s businesses.

The topics that the speakers on the congress will cover this year are the implementation and merging of new business models into the current working atmosphere, how to approach the clients, recognize their wants and needs, and keep the client interested; the operation of industries, optimizing costs, and time-management.

Not only you will have a chance to exchange ideas and talk about past, present and future of certain industries, but also explore the Croatian sailing area firsthand. Accommodation is, indubitably, reserved on sailing yachts and catamarans, while workshops and meetings are to be executed on the mainland. The congress will include sailing to various destinations in order for you to explore the beauties of the Croatian coast.

Contact us via our email form and join us on the congress!