How Does a Typical Sailing Day
Look Like?

typical sailing day

(For women): Men like to tame and control-but often, don't have anything to. If you feel like a target, change that this summer with ropes and sails!

(For men): Feel like you're in a rut? Someone's head hurts too much? This summer is the time to change that. Allow yourself and your partner to experience the adventure of sailing, which is guaranteed to change life's habits!

Either alone or in company. A new place every single day; or every second; or every third. According to your wishes. One moment in isolation, the next in civilization. Now in a restaurant, now with chocolate-covered toast in your mouth. It's about the most beautiful vacation you can or cannot for now imagine. It's about sailing. And this is just the beginning of the advantages such a vacation has to offer. There truly are many. As for the disadvantages, find them yourself.

The first thing that needs to be noted is peace. The sails are powered by wind so there is no whirring of the motor. Besides the sound of waves, water breaking against the boat and sweet whispers in your ear, there are practically no sounds during this trip. Water and the psychologically known calming effects of its sounds on people's psyche, will help you find inner peace regardless of how much you were aggravated by life's problems at work and in daily life before your vacation. Sailing adapts to your mood. If you like quiet, you can find it by choosing quiet bays or small hamlets where you can settle in. If after all you prefer lively entertainment and the feeling that you are in civilization, you will choose larger places to anchor at.

typical sailing day

Spontaneity. If you are not so determined on reaching a certain place at a certain time, thanks to weather conditions, sailing is led by spontaneity. The wind determines the best course to reach an island. If a storm is about to break, it's better to linger at the bay a little longer. If there is no wind whatsoever, you don't need to sail the whole way planned. However, it's not all about time! Just before departure, you realize that a motorcycle rally is being held the next day at the place you are staying, and motorcycles are your secret passion; you don't need to leave immediately but can stay longer and enjoy. Now you feel like being here, now you don't. You decide by yourself. Your "hotel room" is mobile and doesn't need a reservation.

Variety. To be in a different place daily, or even in a few different places, is a true delicacy for a lover of variety. One day you're in a small romantic place on Hvar Island walking in the woods, the next you're touring Diocletian's palace in Split. Compared to hotel accommodation-every day same room, same beach and same city-sailing has no static quality or boredom. In just one week with a sailboat you can visit many places on the Adriatic and in only three days become familiar with the Croatian coast and so many places , islands or cities which you might otherwise never have a chance to visit your whole life.

typical sailing day

"Now you're here, now you're not". One thing is certain-sailing doesn't allow new-found friends to remain together for long. By moving from place to place, new people can be met or new acquaintances formed. However, considering your mobility, you will soon be able to simply wave to new people. As a result, you are sure to meet a variety of people and rarely be given the chance to tire of them. At any rate, those you love the most are with you in the boat.

Swimming every day and at every moment. Whether you're anchored at an empty bay, at a marina or while sailing, on a whim you can take a swim in the blue Adriatic. If the wind is good and the boat is moving quickly, throw a rope into the sea which you can grab onto should you not want the adventure of "lost and forgotten in the sea of life".

Sweet dreams. Babies in cradles sleep as if under a spell. Sleeping in a sailboat allows you to once again become-a baby. Sailing is the best medicine against insomnia and the best possible place to sleep because the boat is never still and the gentle rocking induces you to fall asleep.

typical sailing day

The end of seasickness. If you suffer from sea sickness, give yourself a chance to overcome it. It's similar to putting two cats who hate each other together in a box. Maybe one will lose an ear or whisker but in the end a truce will be established. If you force your body into a state of rocking for a few days or weeks, it will adapt to the new conditions and soon you'll be able to eat as much as you want and solve crosswords during your ride if you don't feel like looking at the natural beauty or super optimistically searching for dolphins in the sea.

A perfect tan and private nudism. Sailing guarantees you a gorgeous, dark tan and private nudism during your ride. As a matter of fact, you can be nude on the boat. If you feel uncomfortable with the thought that someone, besides seagulls, may see you, be assured that there is very little chance that anyone actually will. If you do come in contact with another boat, you can quickly cover yourself with a towel.

New experience and new skill. Isn't it attractive to learn something new? "Taming" the sailboat doesn't need to be only men's work, who usually like to be captain. You too can learn to tie "Gordian" knots, tighten the sails, set up buoys, steer and adapt to the wind. Sailing is a chance to learn something new and to gain a new skill. In the end, you'll be proud of your newly acquired skill.

typical sailing day

Enjoying natural beauty and a clean sea. Islands can be seen from every side from the sailboat. With a sailboat you can approach (be it directly or if by anchoring and then taking a dingy or swimming to the island) places which are almost impossible to reach with a ferry or a passenger boat. The sandy plains of Susak, the bareness of Kornati and the hills of Hvar are just some of the uncountable beauty that are waiting to be seen, smelt and touched by you in the adventure called sailing. And of course, the cleanest sea in the world. New animals. Bored of watching pigeons and listening to their cooing? While sailing, you will be surrounded by new animals which doesn't mean that you can't take along your pet. Seagulls will "appear" on the sea in a childish way. Suddenly you will see something white, feathery, similar to a stuffed toy, floating on the sea. Or in the morning you may run into a flock of flying seagulls in the marina and listen to their sounds. Donkeys can even be heard and seen on the islands. If you're lucky, you will see dolphins in the sea.

Romantic food. You don't need to visit restaurants with candles on the table and live music to feed yourself-romantically. You can eat romantically even in the swaying cabin of your boat, be it inside or on the deck. At any rate, eating while the boat is moving is easier if you want to escape from the wasps which may sting you on land. You can even cook and eat in the sailboat.