Boat Insurance

To set sail safely

As a skipper on a chartered yacht you have a special responsibility. If you’re the responsible skipper on board it could easily happen that your crew makes claims against you. In order for you to be able to enjoy your cruise, EIS offers suitable Skipper & Crew insurance packages, which will allow you to be well-insured and to set sail without remorse.

The online conclusion

At the following links you can find suitable Skipper & Crew insurance packages, with a wide and affordable range of prices and services, in order to reduce the financial risk.

NEW: Skipper & Crew insurance packages

You can also book three packages, which include our proven Skipper & Crew insurances. The packages are suited for one charter cruise.

Skipper & Crew insurance packages

With our Basic, Top and Platinum Skipper & Crew insurance packages, we offer you an Extended Third-Party insurance for Skippers, a Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts, a Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance and, exclusive for Platinum package, a Travel Health Insurance and Accident Insurance at excellent conditions. The insurance packages cover a continuous charter trip for up to six weeks, limited to the skipper and a crew of maximum 9 members.

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Extended Third Party Insurance For Private Skippers

The insurance covers claims made against you as well as a defense against unjustified arrears but does not cover the deposit, the damages that were deliberately induced, the damage you cause to certain close relatives (spouses, children) nor penalties or fines. The insurance is in effect for a one year period after which it can be automatically extended upon request.

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Deposit Insurance For Chartered Yachts

This insurance makes sure that not all members of the crew have to pay for the damages caused by a single member. The insurance retains the deposit of the chartered yacht due to loss or damage to which the yacht is exposed during the period of insurance, but does not include, for instance, damages caused by gross negligence and intention; damages caused by faulty designs, etc.

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Travel Cancellation Expenses Insurance for Chartered Yachts

With this package, the client indemnifies against, for instance, unemployment, heavy illness, accident, etc. in case of not taking part in the journey or breaking off the journey for the additional travel expenses, minus the participation mentioned in the terms and conditions.

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