Choosing a Cabin Charter Program

Cabin charter is a convenient and affordable way of experiencing the charms of sailing without having to worry about necessary permits and experience and who you are going to sail with.

Destination and budget

However, the only thing that should concern you is choosing the cabin charter program that would be perfect just for you. Choosing the right cabin charter program depends solely on you and your preferences. You would normally opt for a program that meets your needs destination- and money-wise. Note that the cost depends on the boat type (chartering a cabin on a catamaran is more expensive than on a monohull), destination and cabin size - single cabins are a bit pricier than the double-occupancy ones. Also, you can choose between the half- and full-board programs, and decide on the program depending upon its duration. Keep in mind that in a cabin charter program, the ports of embarkation and disembarkation are fixed.

Prices of cabin charter

The most expensive cabin charter programs are, of course, in mid-season. The price goes up if you decide to choose full-board, and charter a cabin on a luxury boat. The duration of your holiday is also a key factor - naturally, a week is cheaper than two weeks. If you are chartering a cabin for yourself, expect to pay some 60% more than you would pay a cabin for two. Children usually are eligible for discounts, especially if they are small. They may even go for free. However, this depends upon your charter company's policy. 

Cabin charter program price usually includes seven days cruising, crew, insurance, and most usually, half-board (breakfast and lunch) as well as a meal for the captain. The cabin charter program price normally excludes transfers, entrance fees for national parks, drinks, dinners ashore, port and tourist taxes.