What Is Cabin Charter?

Have you ever wanted to experience sailing but could not find the right people to go sailing with or did not have a big enough budget? Or maybe you have always wanted to sail but did not want to give up comfort? Then cabin charter is just right for you. So what exactly is cabin charter?

A cheap option for individuals

Cabin charter is a charter deal that allows you to charter only a cabin (usually on a gulet or a sailing yacht) and not the entire yacht. Cabin charter is a great option if you want to go sailing but do not have a large enough group to opt for a yacht charter. Another reason could also be the price. Cabin charter is usually a much cheaper option than a yacht charter. However, cabin charter price depends upon the cabin charter program. Cabins can be chartered for individuals, couples or small groups. The most usual cabin charter is on gulets, but charter cabins are also popular in the Caribbean where catamarans are usualy offered.

Ideal for first-time sailing

Cabin charter is great as your first sailing experience and is also a great opportunity for making new friendships. Cabin charter is for those people who want to experience sailing but have no group to go sailing with or simply do not want to charter an entire yacht. Choosing a cabin charter, you can enjoy full board or all-inclusive service while cruising the chosen location. However, you do not have the freedom of choosing your daily itinerary as you would in a yacht charter since it is set by the cabin charter program.