What Is A Safety Net?

One of the most important sailing tips for sailing with children is the installation of a safety net.

And what exactly is a safety net?

A safety net is the net that is advisable to have hung onto the boat's railing especially when sailing with small children and animals.

Prevention from falling overboard

The safety net is meant to stop toys, pieces of equipment, animals and children from falling overboard. The safety net should be attached to the toe-rail as firm as possible. The nylon net is advised to be used. The safety net should be replaced every few years.

Attaching the net

How to attach the safety net: remove the lifeline between the first two stanchions, weave it through the top edge of the netting, tie one end of a line to the bottom of the first stanchion, then weave this line through the bottom edge of the net, pull the net between the stanchions, pull the line attached to the stanchion bringing the netting down as low to the deck as you can get it, tie off the line to the second stanchion, then begin on the next section.

When attaching the safety net unto the boat's railing, make sure to get the netting as low as possible to prevent anything sliding underneath it. Or, you can simply order your yacht charter company to attach the safety net for you.