Frequently Asked Questions

What is sailing?

Sailing is a sport, hobby, recreational activitiy or, as some would agree, the way of life. In general, sailing is an outdoor aquatic activity which generates wind power to cause movement of the boat. Sailing is also known as one of the most sustainable outdoor activities.

What do I need to go sailing?

Nothing but a good will, great crew and an adventerous soul.

You also need a skipper licence. You can either obtain one or hire a professional skipper for your sailing week.

You can also take your sailing shoes and other sailing equipement. These things are not neccessary but they can make your sailing vacation a lot easier. Things you mustn't forget are sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.

A packing list will make sure you don't forget anything.


Who is a skipper?

A skipper is a person responsible for your safety and the boat. You can think of a skipper as a professional sailor who will make sure you have the best sailing holiday possible.

Why do I need to hire a skipper?

You need to hire a skipper for your sailing week if you do not own a skipper licence yourself.

How do I obtain a skipper licence?

There are three main types of skipper licences: ICC (International Certificate of Competence), IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) and RYA. All three can be obtained by anyone who wants to obtain a sailing licence. Obtaining a skipper licence requires you to go through short training and pass a test.

It is also important to make sure if your licence is valid in the country where you're chartering a boat.

How do I hire a professional skipper?

To hire a skipper, simply say to your booking agent that you need to hire one. Your booking agent will do all the rest, and the skipper will be waiting for you in the marina the day your holiday is starting.

How much does a skipper cost?

Skipper services usually range from € 120 to € 200 per day, depending on the destination.

Where does a skipper sleep?

Skipper sleeps onboard along with the rest of the crew. Being the most responsible member of the crew, skipper needs a good rest and quality food. That's why you must make sure skipper has a room where (s)he can sleep and (at least) one hot meal a day. You should treat a skipper with respect and as a part of your crew.

What boat to choose?

When choosing a boat for your sailing vacation, you can choose among sailboatcatamarangulet and motor yacht. What you are going to choose depends solely on your preferences and needs.

Types of boats

What is a sailboat?

Sailboat is a boat propelled partly or entirely by wind and sails. But sailboats can be both, wind- (sail-) or engine-powered. Sailboats are monohulled which differentiates them from catamarans that have at least two hulls. Sailboats are great for smaller families or a smaller group of friends.

What is a catamaran?

Catamaran is a boat that consists of at least two hulls which are joined by a frame. Catamarans can be either wind- (sail-) or engine-powered. They are great for bigger families or larger group of friends.

What is a gulet?

Gulet is a traditional wooden boat with characteristic two tall masts. It can host a lot more passangers than a sailboat or a catamaran. You can opt for private gulet charter which means you book the whole gulet for yourself or you can go for a cabin charter which means booking a single cabin.

What is a motor yacht?

Motor yacht is usually a luxury yacht powered exclusively by engine. You can charter a motor yach with crew (a cook, captain and a hostess) or without the crew which is called bareboat charter.

What types of charter can I go for?

There are four types of yacht charters you can choose between – bareboat yacht charter, skippered yacht charter, crewed yacht charter and cabin charter. What you are going to choose depends solely on your preferences and needs.

Types of yacht charters

What is a bareboat yacht charter?

Bareboat yacht charter is the basic option when chartering a yacht, and it means chartering a yacht without a skipper. For bareboat yacht charter you are obliged to have a sailing licence and all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you can sail on your own.

What is a skippered yacht charter?

Skippered yacht charter is ideal for non-experienced sailors and it means chartering a yacht with a skipper.

What is a crewed yacht charter?

Crewed yacht charter means chartering a yacht with a captain or a skipper, a cook and a hostess. It can also mean chartering a yacht with only a skipper.

In short, chartering a yacht with only a skipper, a hostess or a cook, makes it crewed yacht charter.

What is a cabin charter?

A cabin charter means chartering only a cabin (usually on a gulet or a sailing yacht) and not the entire yacht.

Why go sailing?

Sailing is one of the greatest recreations there is. It's because it allows you to engage in sporting activity and relax at the same time. Boat allows you to sail at high speeds chasing the wind or relax in a beautiful, peaceful bays, taking a swim and enjoying the scenery with your family.

Possibilities with sailing are endless and, in the end, it all depends on you and what kind of a holiday you prefer.

Why is sailing good for you?

Sailing has a lot of benefits for your health. For instance, sailing improves muscle strenght and endurance, improves cardiovascular health and is a great way to release some stress. It also increases agility, improves concentration and improves communication and organizational skills.

When is the best time to go sailing?

Short and obvious answer to that question is the summertime. However, lately early fall is becoming increasingly popular with sailors. Also, a big part of the answer to this question lies in the place where you are going sailing and the sailing season.

What is a sailing season?

Sailing season is a time of the year when it's best to go sailing in a certain destination. Different countries, depending on their geographical location, climate and winds, have different sailing seasons.

For how long does sailing season in Croatia last?

Sailing season in Croatia starts at the end of May and last till the beginning of the October.

For how long does sailing season in Greece last?

Sailing season in Greece starts in April and lasts till November.

For how long does sailing season in Italy last?

Sailing season in Italy starts in May and lasts till October.

For how long does sailing season in Spain last?

Sailing season in Spain starts in April and last till October.

For how long does sailing season in Thailand last?

Sailing in Thailand is possible all year round but it's best to sail in Thailand from November till April when it's dry season and winds blow from 5 – 20 knots.

How to book a boat?

There are few ways to book a boat. You can visit our yacht charter page, pick your destination and time when you wish to go sailing and choose among thousands of boats. Another way is to call our agents or contact them via email on booking@sailingeurope.com.

How much does sailing cost?

Sailing costs depend mainly on the four factors. When are you going sailing, where are you going sailing and the type and the production year of the boat.

If you're looking to knock a few hundreds of a full price, you can wait for our last-minute deals, book the boat early or subscribe to our newsletter.

Where to go sailing?

Most popular sailing destinations in the world are Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean, but you can basically go sailing anywhere in the world.

Is there anything else I need to know?

In this brief FAQ we have covered all the important questions about sailing. You might also want to read up on things such as sailing with children, sailing with pets, cooking onboard, seasickness remedies, check-in or check-out procedure, sailing yacht water supplies, electricity use onboard, sailboat's toilet system or even plan your sailing route ahead which are all very important parts of sailing.

However, if you feel like we have forgotten something or you have another question, feel free to ask us anytime! Your questions will be answered by sailing professionals as soon as possible.

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