Paper Boat

Let us introduce you to this little boat that we use as a symbol; our trademark.

In a funny way it represents boats in our offer that can provide pleasure and great delight at the sea, and lead you through the deep blue.


(1) Start from a rectangle (e.g. A4). Fold in half.

To become one with the boat is possible by listening the talk of sea gulls and feeling the scent of wind that is an unavoidable part of sailing satisfaction and relaxation. So this friendly mascot represents hospitality and a jocund way of the whole journey.


(2) Fold in half again and unfold.

It can also be made of paper and we encourage you to try to make your own one. If you want, you can make a whole fleet, and even give names to every boat.


(3) Fold to the center.

In folding a paper boat you will make a step in Origami technique; creative and innovative world of paper formatting.


(4) Fold the overlapping strip upwards.

Origami is the Japanese name for the art of paper folding, and it has now become a beloved art form for people around the world.


(5) Fold corners backwards. Turn over.

Origami has a history; first use of the word "Origami" in Japan was not for our familiar recreational paper folding, but for certificates.


(6) Fold strip upwards.

In Japan there is an expression, Origami Tsuki, meaning "certified" or "guaranteed". The phrase stems from an ancient custom of folding certain special documents - such as diplomas for Tea Ceremony masters, or masters of swordsmanship - in such a way as to prevent unauthorized copies from being made.


(7) Open.

However, nowadays origami represents a creative way of spending time and a hobby for both adults and children.


(8) Fold triangle upwards. Repeat behind.

Boats can even be made of foil and can be put in water, so the fun can be continued in a lake, pool, bath...


(9) Open (like in the steps 7 and 8).

Have fun and explore the Origami technique... follow these diagrams, it is a good way to show you how to use the paper you fold; Happy folding! Just let Origami lead you in your own creativity...


(10) Take upper corners and stretch out.


(11) Finished boat.