Sailing for Adventurers and Sport Enthusiasts

Activities in the fresh air are necessary for people, constantly surrounded by technology and the modern fast-paced world, to be able to find their inner peace and engage in physical activity.

Few sports and activities are as paired with nature as sailing. Historically, sailing ships were the ones on which explorers of ancient Europe set out on a journey around the world in search of new continents and peoples. These sailboats, like ones we have today, functioned on a very simple principle - pair the sails with the wind and you can go wherever you want. The East India Company, the pirates and the Navy - they all used their knowledge and skills to get the best out of their ships - and most importantly, embarked on adventures that remained recorded in the books.

Although the world has changed greatly since the 15th - 16th century, some things have not. Ok, sailboats got engines that sailors use when there is no wind, but still, the principle remained the same. It is interesting how we have had the opportunity to read some of the most fascinating life stories of people of the 21st century, and related to sailing. There are singles, couples, and even whole families who have decided to sell absolutely everything they have, soak up a sailboat and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Can it get any better?

And for athletes? Sailing is an international, Olympic-recognized sport that takes place in several different disciplines. But also various amateurs are engaged in sailing both recreationally and competitively. Even those who sail for the first time fall in love with sailing very quickly. It can't be a coincidence.

Developing New Skills

Although sailing used to be reserved for pirates, super rich high class people and adrenaline junkies, today the situation has changed. Many choose sailing as a special type of vacation, some choose it for team building, and athletes use it to develop new skills and engage in a sporting activity that definitely falls under “extreme sports”.

It is especially interesting how people eager for adventure very quickly become addicted to sailing. Why? Well, because the modern world has made possible those things that until recently were impossible for the average person - travel, exploring new cultures, languages, history, but also different cuisines. And sailing allows all of these things for everybody.

Although it is unnecessary for those eager for adventure to state all the advantages that sailing brings, we are still obliged to introduce you to some that you may not have known about.

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Become a General Of Your Time

One of the best things about sailing, unlike some organized forms of recreation, is that you are absolutely the master of your time. No one will tell you you have to be here and there then and then. If you want to relax, swim, dive or climb, find a suitable destination and do it. 

If you want to explore different locations, nature, forests and bays, do it. Chilling or HC sailing, it’s all up to you. That is why we always recommend that you make a route you plan to go before your sailing, which includes all the destinations or activities you want to see or try. If you are not still sure where you want to go, use our Route Planner to help you in your planning. In any case, manage your time and do not depend on any guides, tours or operators. And over the course of a week or two, you will visit as many locations as you would in a few years of your vacation.

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Feel the Energy

Every athlete during his activity feels bursts of adrenaline, excitement and satisfaction with the sport he plays. And sailing provides absolutely all of the above. Whether you are sailing as an amateur or recreational athlete, the energy you will feel during your sailing is indescribable.

The power and speed that your boat achieves with the collision of wind and sails, the feeling of sea particles on your body, the wind in your hair, the speed that you achieve with the effort of the whole crew make an unforgettable experience of your vacation. 

You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete or adventurous spirit to enjoy sailing - even if you’re the type of person who likes to sail lightly, chill and just relax during your vacation, it will also meet your needs. And the energy you will be charged with is simply indescribable!

Experience and Try Additional Activities

Although the emphasis during sailing is on sailing itself, during your holiday you have the opportunity to try out a number of activities that are not necessarily related to the sea. Why? Well, because sailing allows you to visit various locations in a very short period of time that offer much more in terms of different activities

Swimming, diving and kayaking - these are all activities that the average person knows and can do during a vacation at sea. However, you can develop your skills within each of these activities on several levels more. Although familiar with diving from an early age, few people fall in love with this activity only when they really get to know it through a special course or through lessons from an instructor.

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But as we have already said, many destinations offer much more. For example, if you go sailing with your family and children, you must always make sure that your children spend quality and active time. Especially nowadays when they are fascinated by mobile technologies and forget about all the wonderful things that nature has to offer. 

And they will gain special skills while sailing, but also a sense of responsibility as each crew member must contribute. Numerous sea destinations, for example in Croatia, offer special activities for children. Apart from those on which they will develop skills, there are also those that serve off for fun. For example, aqua parks. They are the perfect way to entertain the whole family in the hot summer months. And in such activities, a person is easily filled with energy.


The Sky At Your Feet

And those who are great adventurers and really like to walk, explore new areas and try new things? And for them, there are numerous activities that we have not listed before.

Zip line, walking and hiking, skydiving, wingsuit, or paragliding - these are all activities that a person eager for adventure can try.

The sea and the land simply live in maximum harmony. When you want solitude, go to a quiet bay, anchor and enjoy the silence. When you are eager to explore new destinations, walk and cycle, go ashore and hit one big walking tour that will please your needs. You can always rent bikes that will allow you to explore a larger island in a very short time and enter areas you could never go to, by car or bus.

And you can always experience the world from a bird’s perspective as well. Numerous adrenaline activities allow you to do just that. The beautiful images you can see every day from your sailboat and land are incomparable to fulfilling your dreams of flying and the possibility of seeing the beautiful landscapes of the sea, islands and nature from a height. 

For example, the zip line is perhaps the most concrete activity that really offers a combination of experiences - from walking in nature to get to one of the zip lines, through a combination of a healthy dose of adrenaline that a person feels and the feeling of flying, to a beautiful view of nature and landscapes.

Numerous destinations offer such and similar activities, so be smart and make your sailing route on time and explore the areas you go to well.

Sailing for Adventurers and Sport Enthusiasts - Tips & Tricks from Experienced Sailors

No matter what you are eager for adventure or sports activities, you need to prepare in time and correctly for your upcoming trip. Experienced sailors have singled out some things that you need to pay attention to before going on a trip.

Make the Most Of Your Time - Plan Your Route in Advance!

Although this rule applies to absolutely every person who goes sailing, there is a special emphasis on all those who are eager for adventure and specific activities. Choosing a route is of great importance as each destination offers for itself certain activities that some others may not offer. Even when you have a skipper with whom you can roughly arrange a route before sailing with the help of his advice, it is still always recommended that you research the offer of activities you can try in advance.

For example, if you want peace and quiet, you can always go to a remote bay and enjoy simple activities such as swimming, diving and exploring the surrounding area. If you are looking for adrenaline, hiking or biking, you will need to find a destination on land that offers everything you need at the moment. When sailing it is a fantastic fact that you are the absolute rulers of your own time and you can change the route depending on what you or your crew wants at a given time. We have developed a simple but useful tool, RoutePlanner, which can certainly make route planning easier for you.

There is often a situation where the crew wants too much in too little time because they are simply not familiar with the distances, nautical miles and capabilities of the vessel itself, so dissatisfaction can occur. For this reason, avoid unwanted situations and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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Prepare Your Equipment On Time

Every experienced athlete and adventurer knows that the right equipment for certain destinations and activities is crucial to avoid unwanted injuries or situations. So after planning your route that you have chosen based on the activities you want to try, prepare the equipment that will allow you to do each of them.

But beyond the standard equipment and basic things you will bring, you simply have to pay attention to an important segment - medicines that have proven to be potentially necessary. Whether you are sailing, walking or cycling, you are constantly exposed to the sun, and to prevent frequent but uncomfortable sunburn, bring sunscreen and use it daily. For those a little more sensitive, one of the most common inconveniences that happen while sailing is seasickness - so bring all the medications that can prevent nausea and enjoy your vacation without any unwanted situations.

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Be Smart - Follow Weather Conditions and Safety Instructions

If you are an adventure lover or a sports person, I believe that you have encountered unexpected situations many times in your life and felt the weather in the full sense of the word. But the time at sea is simple - relentless. Since it often happens, especially in the summer months, that there is a short-lived but sudden change in weather conditions, always follow the weather forecast and adjust your routes and plans, no matter how difficult it may be for you.

There is no point in taking risks and playing a game against the force of the wind and the sea that you simply cannot win. Not only does it make no sense, but it can also be very dangerous. Beyond tracking weather conditions that are alpha and omega, there are simple safety instructions that every person should read before sailing. So be smart - follow the weather forecast, wind changes and always pay attention to safety instructions!