Arriving at Charter Base

You have decided to spend your holidays sailing, you have gathered a trustworthy crew made of your friends and family, you have picked your boat, and the day you finally board the boat is here.

Getting to the base

Upon arrival at your chosen destination, you have to locate the yacht charter base where your boat is waiting for you to board it. Keep in mind that many charter bases are located on islands. That means that you have to figure out a way of getting there. Most yacht charter agencies, once you book a boat using their services, will give you the-know-how of getting to the yacht charter base. However, if you have to rely on your own means of getting to the charter base, be sure to get really acquainted with the local transportation and its schedules. If you are arriving at charter base with your car, ask in advance about the parking possibilities.

Be punctual

Arriving at the charter base on agreed time is very important since you probably will not be the only clients taking their sailboat over that day. If you happen to arrive earlier than agreed, you can spend that extra time sightseeing or having lunch. You can also go grocery shopping. However, if you happen to be late for your agreed time, be sure to let the charter base staff know when can they expect you.

Keep in mind

Do not forget the documents. You should have your passport or ID. It would be smart to have them photocopied in case your charter company should require copies of your documents. You will also need to leave a deposit for the boat at the base. You can use your card or leave a cash deposit. Also, do not forget to submit your crew list to your agent.