Preparing for Yacht Charter

So you have decided to go on a sailing trip. Wonderful for you! Sailing is one of the most beautiful and exciting ways of spending your holidays. However, there are several important things you simply have to do before venturing out to the sea. You have to prepare yourself well for yacht charter.

Where to go

Preparing for yacht charter demands a lot of preparation and decision-making. The first thing is to decide where you want to go sailing. There are some fabulous sailing destinations to choose from so be sure pick yours wisely.

Choosing the best charter type

After deciding on the destination, you should choose a yacht charter. According to your wishes, skills and experience, you can choose from bareboat, skippered and crewed charters. If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, you are able to opt for the bareboat charter. However, bear in mind that in order you charter a yacht without a professional skipper, you are obliged to possess a valid skipper license. You will also need to have a valid and verified crew list with you on board.

However, if you are not experienced enough, do not have all the necessary documents or simply want to relax, charter a boat with a skipper or full crew. Keep in mind that skipper and crew are not your servants. They do help make your holiday a more enjoyable experience but your safety is their main concern. Besides, you can always approach your skipper with questions about sailing. Your skipper will also always give you advice on local culture. Picking a boat for your holidays can be tricky. You have to choose a yacht depending upon many factors. These include your wishes concerning the boat type - whether you want a motor yacht or a sailing yacht, or whether you just want to charter a cabin. Your finances and the number of passengers you are taking with you are also of great importance.

Less is more

Packing for a sailing trip is another important topic in preparing for yacht charter. There is just one rule - do not overdo it. Bring soft-sided luggage since it can be stowed easily because most boats have limited storage area. Depending on the destination, take only the appropriate clothes and since most opt for somewhere hot and sunny, that means bathing suits and shorts.