What to Do During Yacht Charter?

Sailing is exciting and fun. However, there is so much to do during yacht charter than sailing itself. So what are the things you might want to do during your yacht charter?

Taking photographs

You will undoubtedly see some extraordinary scenery, witness some fantastic scenes and events, visit some charming places and meet some interesting people so be sure to take your camera with you. Taking photos or videos can be a fantastic pastime on your sailing trip and makes an excellent souvenir.

Fun and games

Also, be sure to take some board games. You will surely want to do something fun (and competitive) with your crew mates if there is no possibility to go on shore to go sightseeing. If you are taking children with you, do not forget that they get easily bored so remember to take something that would keep them busy - like toys.


Besides the on board fun, there are also some on shore activities that deserve to be enjoyed during yacht charter. Exploring the surroundings of your marina is one. Many sailing destinations boast some cultural sites or unique natural beauties so do not just stick to your boat and marina, look around, go sightseeing. We are positive you will come upon something interesting and find what to do in yacht charter holidays.

Tasting local cuisine

Local cuisine is also something that should be "explored" when spending your time on the shore. Indulge in local specialties because they just might be the one thing that can make you come back to that place during your next sailing trip. Also, before you leave for your holiday, check the local festivities schedule. Many sailing destinations have local festivals that can be very interesting and great fun.

Taking part in a regatta

Participating in a regatta is another thing you might want to do during yacht charter. If you are sure of your sailing abilities and are competitive enough, you might want to test yourself in a regatta. Your agent will provide you with all the necessary information, and with a small fee, you can "spice up" your sailing holiday.