The Benefits of a Catamaran Compared to a Monohull

If you are in doubt whether to rent a catamaran or a monohull, discover the benefits of catamarans. The most important advantages of a catamaran over a monohull are stability, space which means more privacy, and finally catamarans have significantly shallower draft meaning you can get into more areas than sailing boats.

The benefits of catamarans.

  1. Level, no heel sailing - sure, it is exciting and fun to sail at a 25 degree angle. For a while. After that, you start to feel a bit queasy. Catamarans rarely heel more than 5 degrees, which means offshore passages are less tiring, drink and food stay on the table, there are no balancing acts on deck, so it is less tiring, and there are less chances of getting sea-sick.
  2. Another benefit of sailing a catamaran is its sailing performance - modern catamarans sail windward as much as 25% faster than a similar length cruising monohull, while off the wind it can go 75% to 100% faster than a monohull cruiser.
  3. Shallow draft - catamarans have a shallow draft, you can go and sail in areas where monohulls cannot get into. Shallow draft also enables more anchoring possibilities - you can enter shallow anchorages, away from the crowds.
  4. One important benefit of charter catamarans is their roominess - catamarans have large wide deck areas, cockpit is twice the size of a monohull, and a larger salon that's on the same level as the cockpit, thus providing 360-degree visibility.
  5. More space enables more privacy - catamarans have separate hulls with separate cabins. The cabins are usually located in the corners of the boat as are the heads, and are separate from the lounging areas and the galley. This basically means that everyone can find their corner on the boat and rest assured no one will bother them
  6. Probably the most important benefit of a catamaran is its unsinkability - catamarans are safer than monohulls. Modern charter catamarans need no ballast and are built of cored-sandwich construction, most are actually unsinkable. If for example, the holing the hull happens, a catamaran's sailing performance is not affected as the boat is sufficiently buoyant under even these conditions. catamaran still floats. A catamaran's buoyancy also means that you cannot overcrowd it - so if you have been wanting to take alongside your own family, your friend's family, feel free to do so. Not only you will not overcrowd the boat, everyone will also have their own privacy.