Sailing a Catamaran vs. Sailing a Monohull Yacht?

Thinking about sailing on a catamaran or a monohull?

Read this article with pros and cons and find your answers. However, if you still have not tried sailing a catamaran but would like to, maybe the following set of differences between monohulls and catamarans can help you decide to charter a catamaran or monohull.

Excellent alternative

Catamaran as a charter option is a great alternative to a monohull. Generally, catamarans are considered to be more stable than a monohull, providing more space and more privacy. The layout allows for a large cabin and a great seating area. Even in the smaller sizes, catamarans have more living space than monohulls making them ideal for yacht charter. Whether you prefer sailing a monohull or a catamaran comes down to you and your preferences.

Pleasant sailing

One of the benefits of charter catamarans is the fact they offer enormous advantages over monohulls when the anchor is dropped. These benefits are as follows: catamarans are considerably more stable than a monohull. As such, they do not bang back and forth in swells so it is possible to eat, sleep, and live far more comfortably on a catamaran than a monohull. The main salon of a catamaran is on the same level as the cockpit so cooking, reading, dining, navigating and lounging is more pleasant on a catamaran than a monohull.

Speed difference

Catamarans do not have lead keel underneath to stay upright, so they are generally faster than a similarly sized monohull. However, if the winds are under 8 knots most catamarans, due to extreme wetted surface drag, are often slower than similar sized monohulls. People on board are less prone to seasickness because catamarans do not roll from swell to swell like a monohull. Walking is also much easier on a catamaran.

Pounding and slapping

However, there is one advantage most monohulls have compared to catamarans, and that is when underway is that they do not pound or slap. Catamarans with low bridge deck clearance tend to pound and slap on the undercarriage in lumpy seas when sailing upwind. This may sometimes feel as though the boat is getting pounded to pieces.

Docking pros & cons

Most catamarans have twin engines which makes them easier to dock than a monohull. However, under sail, a monohull preforms much better.

In shallow water catamarans are superior to monohulls because most catamarans draw 4 feet or less of water they can anchor in places a monohull could not even consider. But monohulls have one significant advantage at the dock, marina or shipyard - they are much cheaper to haul and slip.