Typical Day on a Charter Catamaran

A typical day aboard a charter catamaran is no different than a day on any of theyacht charter boats. The day normally starts with a breakfast on board, usually anchored in some lovely cove or marina. 

Breakfast of the champions

After breakfast you can stay wherever your anchored, go on shore to do some sightseeing and shopping or enjoy the sun and the sea. Then you can roll down the sails and set off to another location.

During the day

While sailing a catamaran, just relax and enjoy the ride. And enjoy you will since catamarans are pretty stable, and there is no heel sailing, so you can sun bathe, enjoy a cool drink or a delicious meal even under full sails. You do not have to be afraid the glasses will tip over and that you will make a mess since catamarans rarely heel over 5 degrees. If you however, chose not to have lunch while sailing, you can find some nice quiet spot. As catamarans have shallow draft, for lunchtime you can choose some lovely bay and anchor right in front of a beach and enjoy your lunch on deck while having a beautiful view. After lunch you can again swim, sunbathe, do some water sport or simply rest somewhere in privacy. And privacy is something that catamarans have plenty of. You can find a quiet spot just for yourself to enjoy in, read a book or sleep.

In the evening

As the evening approaches, you can set off to the nearest marina. That is, unless you are already in one. After you find a nice spot for your catamaran, all there is left for you to decide where and how to spend the rest of the evening. There are many options; you can go sightseeing, do some grocery shopping, exploring the shore, you can also go and see what the local nightlife has to offer. Or you can simply stay on your catamaran enjoying the company of your crew.