Typical Day on a Charter Gulet

Typical day on charter gulet is not as different from a day on board a sailboat. Except there is less sailing done. The first day on board a gulet looks like this. Upon arrival the gulet, you are assisted into your cabin.

Boarding the gulet

Once you settle, there will be a welcome meeting held on deck. This meeting will also include the briefing regarding the route as well as security briefing about life on board.

Sail away

The cruise starts right after the meeting, or the following day, depending upon the weather conditions and guests' arrival times. The usual duration of cruising is 3 to 4 hours per day. Gulets usually visit a bay or two every day. So the best part of the day is spent sunbathing, swimming in some lovely bay, using the boat's fishing equipment, water-skiing, snorkeling or something else, depending with what is the gulet equipped. You can also spend time reading, or playing social games. If you are moored in a port, you can spend the day sightseeing and exploring the shore around the port.

Dining is normally outdoor, on the aft deck, in a port or anchored in some secluded bay, depending on the guests' wishes.

Ending the day

Evenings are spent moored in a port or anchored outside the port, depending on the availability of places in port and preferences of the guests. Guests can also spend the evening outside the gulet, exploring the port town, having dinner in a restaurants or enjoying the local nightlife.