Who to Take on a Gulet Cruise?

When choosing who to take on a charter gulet there are really no rules. Because of great comfort and privacy they provide, it does not matter who you take on board a gulet. Gulets offer comfortable holidays no matter if you take your family or friends with you.

Family vacation

Gulets are safe for children and can be a great introduction to the world of sailing. This means you are free to take your children on a charter gulet. However, gulets may be safer than sailboats or motor yachts, but it does not mean you can let your child run around. Some restrictions apply (like common sense). If you are taking your family on a gulet, it is best to choose a private gulet charter. That way you will have the entire boat and its crew for yourself, make your own daily schedule and your privacy will be secure.

Sailing with friends

Taking friends on gulet usually stands for a bit more relaxed holidays. Depending on the size of your party and your budget, you can choose between the private charter and cabin charter. If you are taking just a friend or two, you should opt for cabin charter. That way you charter a cabin not the boat, but you have a set itinerary. Note that private charter also gives you a lovely chance of meeting new friends since you will be sharing a gulet with people from all around the world.