Why Charter a Gulet?

Gulet is a comfortable wooden yacht, which uses engine power and sails for navigation. Modern gulets have changed from their original purpose, improving the safety and comfort in all aspects. Gulets have all modern navigation systems for safe and comfortable cruising.

Gulet design

Gulets are made with high ceilings, wide corridors, comfortable cabins with en suite toilets, spacious indoor salon with galley and bar, and plenty of space in outdoor cushioned lounging areas. The outside areas are shaded, and the cabins are mostly double beded. Most gulets have air conditioned cabins.

Main benefits

Charter gulets are prefect for people who want a hassle-free, relaxed and comfortable sailing holiday. Benefits of holidays on a gulet are many. Charter gulets offer more comfort than any other sailing boat, more space and more privacy. These vessels though having sails, are more often propelled by their strong engines so the chances for sea-sickness are slim when on board a gulet.

Gulet crew

Charter gulets come fully crewed. That, with air-conditioning cabins with bathrooms, gives you a feel as if you are in a sailing hotel. The gulet's crew takes care of your safety and comfort while chef provides you with the best local specialties prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Sailing pace

Another benefit of a charter gulet is the possibility of making your own itinerary. Whether you want to visit as many coastal towns as possible or spend most of your time at open sea is completely up to you.

Group adventure

Charter gulets are perfect for groups of up to sixteen people. That means you can bring your family or friends. Chartering a gulet for team building activities has become very popular in recent times.

Single cabin charter

The last charter gulet benefit is the possibility of chartering a single cabin. That means you can enjoy the sailing experience despite not having a large company and big budget.