Motor Yacht Charter

If you like speed, power and freedom coupled with taste of salt on your skin and the vastness of the sea, then motor yacht is the boat for you.

WhyCharter a Motor Yacht?

There is nothing quite similar to the feeling of ultimate power over the sea when standing aboard one of these beauties, so hop aboard one of our recommended charter motor yachts and dash into the blue. They are recommended in terms of quality, design, and charter price, and are popular both among novices and experienced yachtsmen.

Sailing a motor boat offers you luxury and performance, above all. A person that charters a motor boat will definitely experience a lavish sailing adventure. Nothing beats a powerful engine coupled with great comfort. Motor yachts have a shallower draft than a sailboat and therefore can enter shallower water. They are also spacious, comfortable and more stable than sailing boats. However, the most important feature of such a vessel is speed and the excitement it brings. The only thing you must bear in mind is a huge amount of fuel these yachts require.

We offer you some of the finest motor boat brands and models - you can book a yachting motor boat by manufacturers such as Atlantic, Bavaria, Bayliner, Fairline, Jeanneau and many more. Choose your sailing destination - choose yachting CroatiaGreeceTurkeythe Canary IslandsSpainSlovenia or Montenegro. We offer a wide selection of fully equipped and modern charter motor boats in our database - just one click away and you will find the perfect one for you. Rent a motor boat and you can expect an amazing, relaxing holiday!

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