Overview of Charter Motor Yachts

The motor yacht charter types range from luxury crewed motor yachts to bareboats. The most recommended are larger models with at least one crew member. Motor yachts are very powerful and often difficult to control and navigate so they demand an experienced skipper who knows how to handle the yacht and also has an knowledge of the sailing area.

If you choose a crewed motor yacht charter, there is usually a separate crew cabin. However, if there is no crew cabin, when choosing a motor yacht charter, you need to reserve berths for skipper as well.

16 meters or longer

Motor yacht charters over 16 meters in length require at least a skipper and a hostess to help with other services on board. However, these motor yacht charter types need to be fully crewed. There are quarters for the crew. These yachts are equipped with the latest technology as well as the water sports equipment.

14 and 16 meters in length

Motor yachts between 14 and 16 m are excellent choice for extended vacation. These charter motor yachts are recommended because they are comfortable and usually have two or three cabins, four at the most. Some of these motor yachts require a skipper, though most of them are available for bareboat charter.

12 and 14 meters in length

Motor yacht charter types between 12 and 14 m provide accommodation in two or three cabins. All these yachts are available for bareboat charter and are a great choice for extended cruise for up to six passengers. Power boats option between 10 and 12 m as motor yacht charter option are perfect for short daily cruises and not convenient for extended vacation. These boats have two or three cabins for up to six passengers which makes them convenient for overnight stays.

Under 10 meters

Speed boats under 10 m are available for bareboat charter. These boats are excellent for various water sport activities. They have one or two cabins, for up to four passengers.