What Are the Types and Sizes of Charter Motor Yachts

There are three types of charter motor yachts available for charter nowadays: hardtop yachts, fly bridge and open hyve type. 

Hardtop yachts

A hardtop yacht provides a great protection in rough weather and minimizes exposure to sun. Side screens can be fitted as well. A fixed hardtop consists of side windows and tempered glass ceilings with electrical sliding roof. Sliding roof can be extended to shade the cockpit or retracted to allow more light. Usually the central part of a hardtop can be retracted.

Fly bridge

A fly bridge is a platform located above the main bridge and is usually equipped with all navigation controls. It provides great visibility and panoramic views. It can be divided into more levels, each with a different function. The highest level is an open air pilothouse and a leisure area.

Open yachts

The open type have become very popular recently. Their design includes a new kind of hull in order to reduce resistance when moving through the water. The whole cockpit is open with awnings as a protection. However, this makes open yachts difficult to maintain, because the cockpit is mainly exposed to all weather conditions.

Yacht size

There are different models and sizes of motor yachts. The smallest are 27 feet in length (8.23 meters) and the largest reach up to incredible 550 feet (167 meters). Though, average motor yachts are approx. 44 feet long (around 13.41 meters) - most charter yachts belong to this category. But it is always up to you what size of the yacht to choose finally.