Typical day on a Charter Motor Yacht

What to do during your day aboard a charter motor yacht? How about simply enjoy yourself?

A typical day on your charter motor yacht is not so different from a day spent on a sailboat. However, since motor yachts are a lot faster than other charter yachts you can cover a larger area.

That means that you can quickly move from one bay or marina to another. So it is possible to choose a different spot for every activity or meal during your day on a motor yacht.

Rise and shine

So how can a day on a charter motor yacht look like? Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, then stepping out on the deck only to find out you are anchored in a secluded and peaceful bay. You can then decide to go for an early morning dip until the crew prepares breakfast for you and your company. After breakfast, you may explore the island before which you have anchored. If you do not feel like setting foot on hard land, you can rest in shade with a good book or spend the time more actively with swimming, snorkeling or even fishing. The third option is to turn on the engines and take whatever your charter motor yacht has to offer in terms of speed and set off for another island or some lovely coastal town.


The best place to have lunch is most certainly the deck of your charter motor yacht anchored in some nice marina or a quiet cove. Enjoy the freshly prepared food cooled down a bit with a soft sea breeze and the sound of waves gently splashing your boat. Spend the time after lunch sunbathing, relaxing in the shade, swimming, enjoying a nice cool cocktail... Or you can "shake off" the calorie intake of the lunch by swimming or snorkeling.

At nightfall

When the evening comes, you can anchor your charter motor yacht in a marina. You then can disembark to explore the town where the marina is, or enjoy the local nightlife. You can also do some shopping or try the local specialties in some restaurant.

And the following day? You can do it all over again.