What Destinations to Visit with a Motor Yacht?

Reasons for chartering a motor yacht probably include the need for speed, excitement, comfort. However, when you charter a motor yacht you expect to be noticed and where better to be noticed than at some beautiful and glamorous sailing location.

So what places to visit on a charter motor yacht? There are some yachting spots that should not be missed with a motor yacht. These most definitely include the likes of St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, San Remo and St. Thomas.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez is French premier luxury yacht charter destination. It is ringed by a centuries-old wall, while small, intimate restaurants line the harbor, specializing in seafood and Provencal cuisine. Behind the waterfront restaurants, there is a maze of little streets with countless shops.


All along the Cannes waterfront runs la Croisette. The beach is dotted with dozens of restaurants, some of which transform into funky nightclubs. Shoppers' paradise, rue d'Antibes runs parallel to la Croisette and features everything from typical French high street fashion to designer shops. The Old Town of Cannes features a covered market selling local produce and flowers.


The famous Monaco harbor, albeit surprisingly small, is always full of mega yachts. The harbor features recognizable landmarks: on the one side, the Hotel L'Hermitage; on the other, the Royal Palace and beautiful old town with the Casino Royale.

San Remo

San Remo in Italy is known as Villagio dei Fiori due to its several spectacular parks and gardens that are scattered throughout the town. San Remo also offers horse riding, gambling at the Casino, as well as an 18 hole golf course. There are also several busy shopping streets and a great market if you are interested in shopping.

St. Thomas

St. Thomas in the US Virgin islands has much to offer. A motor yacht charter is the best way to experience on of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Magen Bay Beach. Although St Thomas used to be pirates' top spot, today it is one of the favorite yacht charter destinations. This Caribbean paradise offers lush greenery, secluded beaches and breath-taking views.