What You Should Know About Chartering a Sailboat

Charter sailboats are the perfect choice for sailing enthusiasts. They present a great opportunity to enjoy sailing for a period of time if you do not have the luxury of owning your own sailboat. Sailing is a popular recreation, and is divided into day sailing, cruising and racing.

Types of charter

To sail a charter sailboat you require experience and navigation skills. However, if you do not have any, you can charter a sailboat with crew. You do not have to choose a bareboat charter, opt for the skippered one.

Classification of sailboats

Sailboats are classified by hull type (mono hull or multi hull), by sail configuration (sloop, ketch, schooner, catboat) and by purpose (cruising, racing, sport). Cruiser yachts are normally chartered as they provide comfort, have several cabins to accommodate guests on board and open cockpit seating.

Sailboat basics

If you are new to sailing, you should get acquainted with your sailboat. Here are the basics.

The forward part of the sailboat is known as the bow, and the back half as aft or the stern. The bow's location directly relates to the two most important sailing terms - Port and Starboard.

When you look forward towards the bow, the left hand side of the sail boat is known as port, and the right hand side of the sailboat is called starboard. Leeward and windward - the direction from which the wind is blowing is called the windward and the opposite direction is called leeward. The horizontal pole in the sailboat that connects to the foot is called the boom, and can be very dangerous so take extra care about its position (or better, your position in relation to the boom).

The flat piece of wood or plastic under the boat is called the rudder and it is used for steering the boat. The ropes that control the sailboat are known as the sheets.