Typical Day on a Charter Sailboat

You start your day preparing the boat for the trip, checking the weather charts and the fuel. If the winds are favorable you will sail, but if not you will have to use the motor. At sundown, you will anchor in a marina or another anchorage. The rest of the evening you can hit the local restaurants and clubs or spend a quiet evening at your boat.

Starting the day

You would normally start the day with breakfast whether on board or on shore. After the breakfast depending where you are anchored, you could do some grocery shopping, swimming, sightseeing, fishing or simply preparing the boat for the trip to the next destination. You would normally consult weather charts for the day when choosing the route since a lot of it depends on weather conditions. You might also want to check your fuel. If no wind is expected, you will be forced to use the motor. 

As the day goes by...

If the winds are favorable, you may enjoy the sight and the feel of your charter sailing yacht under full sails. This also gives you the opportunity to practice your tacking and jibing. You may also want to have your lunch while doing all these maneuvers. However, if you are not such an adventurous type find some nice bay to anchor and enjoy your lunch in peace.

Time until dinner can also be spent sailing if the weather permitting. However, a more relaxing option would be to enjoy the sun and the sea by sunbathing and swimming.

At sundown

Before the night falls,find a nice marina or some peaceful anchorage to spend the night in. If you opt for the marina, you can spend the evening exploring the surroundings, enjoying the local cuisine and nightlife