What Places to Visit on a Charter Sailing Yacht?

Sailing today has become a popular type of "active" holidaying. It offers the opportunity to combine enjoyment with sport. It also gives you a chance to discover new places in a completely unique way. The choice of sailing destinations is huge.

So what places to visit on a charter yacht? The only rule you have to follow when chartering a yacht and choosing the right sailing spot are your own wishes.

The Mediterranean

If you opt for the Mediterranean, you will not be disappointed. Chartering in the Mediterranean gives you a chance to enjoy perfect sailing conditions, world's best cuisines, some of the most famous historical monuments and untouched nature. Charter a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean and visit the glamorous coasts of Italy and France; enjoy the sailing conditions in Spain; sail among the 2000 Greek islands; discover Turkish laid back lifestyle, and enjoy Croatia's natural beauties. All of these offer fantastic sailing, history, culture, cuisine and some of the best marinas in the world. It best to sail the Mediterranean between April and October.

Exotic places

If you however, dream of white sandy beaches and palms, visit with your charter yacht more exotic destinations like Thailand, Caribbean or Seychelles. These places feature year round sailing, warm waters, phenomenal views and lively harbors.