Why Charter a Sailing Boat

Sailing is a perfect activity for adventure seekers. It used to be the only way to travel across the seas but today sailing is so much more - recreation and a way of life. There is a huge number of sailing boats in yacht charter market today. Sailing boats are propelled by the wind as well as with diesel-powered engines in case there is no wind to get around.

Sailing boats are more economical than motor yachts since they have fewer fuel costs but require more experience and skills.

Bareboat, skippered or fully crewed

What sort of charter you should go for - bareboat, skippered or fully crewed - and what type of yacht you should charter depends upon your preferences and skills. If you are an experienced sailor with all the necessary documents and permits, it is expected you opt for a bareboat charter. If you choose a skippered one, you do not need much experience or knowledge since your skipper will take care of you and even teach you a thing or two. Which ever option you choose, you can be sure that you cannot go wrong with sailing boat charter.

Benefits of charter sailing boats

A charter sailing boat takes you to places only reachable by sea, and provides an unforgettable and exhilarating adventure. The freedom of sailing a lovely sailboat is unparalleled when the wind hits the sails and you feel the spray on your face.

A charter sailing boat gives you the feeling of that primeval connection of man and sea. However, modern sailing boat charter also offers you space and luxury due to technology and its equipment. Although sailing boat charter requires you to spend more time on deck enjoying rolling on the sea, when you get below you have quite comfortable cabins, kitchen and bathrooms.

Leisure sailing

If you are more interested in sailing as a leisure activity rather than a sport, charter a sailing boat and enjoy all the benefits of a modern sailing boat charter. Today, nearly every charter sailing boat uses roller-furling technology to make sailing a more leisurely activity. Most commonly, roller-furling would be implemented on the front sails of your sailing boat. This comes really handy if you are somewhat short-handed. There are several different types of mainsails on modern charter sailing boats for you to choose from depending on whether you want to get the best performance out of the mainsail, or if you are more interested in ease of use. There are also some systems that combine the options and utilize lazy-jacks and a canvas nest.


There is no point in chartering a sailing boat unless you can, well, sail it. So, naturally, it is best to charter a sailing boat in seasons when the breezes are frequent, constant and steady depending on your chosen sailing location. However, unless you and your crew are experienced sailors, you may want to avoid seasons with strong cold winds and high seas. Also, avoid windless seasons or you will end up listening to the sailing boat's diesel engine. And that is not quite the point of sailing boat charter, is it?