Yacht Charter Cape Verde

Tired of the Old Continent? Time to spread your horizons, and set sails towards the exotic Cape Verde islands! 460 miles off the West African coast in the Atlantic Ocean a true paradise is waiting for you.

These islands are divided into two groups - Northern group (windward islands) and Southern group (leeward islands). All islands are very diverse and perfect for island hopping. You can also see the traces of Portuguese colonial past in the islands’ culture, as well as their cuisine.


Cape’s first marina, Marina Mindelo, located on the island of St. Vincet, is the cultural capital of the islands. You can moor your catamaran there, explore the popular fish market, and enjoy Mindelo’s buzzing nightlife, with its numerous bars and music clubs. Hauntingly beautiful music and traditional singing in Creole (morna music) can be heard all across the island.

Charter your yacht with SailingEurope in this island country, and get the real feel of Africa, at the helm of your sailing yacht or catamaran.
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Another option is very hospitable Palmeria port in the northwestern part of the island of Sal, one of the most developed islands. There, you can truly relax on its long white sandy beaches and many resorts. For all water sports enthusiasts, Boa Vista is the island for you, offering some of the world’s best windsurfing.

Why sailing in Cape Verde?

  • Cape Verde offers superb beaches and a great year-round climate (best time being from November to March).
  • The climate is tropical, similar to the Caribbean, but drier with very rare precipitation. 
  • Apart from the freshest seafood, Cape Verde is known for its great diversity of desserts and tropical fruit, juicier than anything you have ever tried.
  • Although it lacks in natural resources, Cape Verde is often cited as an example among African countries for its achievements in stability and growth.