Sailing Athens Region

Athens is a destination you can’t miss while sailing and exploring the treasures of Greece. This fascinating city will leave you breathless with its architecture, which serves as its best story teller. Visit its rich museums and the ruins of old temples such as Acropolis and Parthenon. If you are sailing Greece from May to October don’t miss the famous Athens-Epidaurus Festival where you can enjoy the traditional bouzouki music or perhaps even learn a folk dance!


There are wonderful islands located in the vicinity of Athens that offer not only both sandy and rocky beaches, but also fascinating historic monuments. These beaches have anything you could wish for, from isolated spots only reachable by a yacht, to family friendly places and sports centers.

The fantastic climate, superb sailing conditions and over a thousand islands are what make Greece the perfect choice for all sailing lovers.
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Athens really offers everything for everyone. You can see this for yourself by visiting the old town district Monastirak, where you can find very affordable souvenirs and some truly expensive brands. Experience the gastronomy of this city in their traditional tavernas and restaurants that have a very relaxed atmosphere and always offer fresh ingredients with a lot of spices and olive oil. Enjoy your complete sailing experience of this city full of rare and attractive spots!