Top 5 Charter Bases in Greece

Greece is a country of more than 2000 islands and the only way to properly visit them is to sail in Greece. Greece has almost as many yacht charter bases as it has islands. So, if you decide to sail in Greece here are some of the best yacht charter bases in Greece.

Kalamata marina

Kalamata marina

This is a modern yacht charter base which accommodates 250 yachts with a maximum length of 25 meters and 3 meters draught. All berths are equipped with electricity and potable water. There are dry docking facilities for about 150 boats, with a 60-ton travel lift to facilitate the maneuvers of boats in and out of the water. The marina offers maintenance and repair works. The town of Kalamanta provides all a yacht charter crew needs as it has good shops for provisions, and plenty of bars and tabernas and is right next to the marina. This lively town is a tourist center with good infrastructure and many sights such as the town's castle, the church of St Apostoli, where the Greek War of Independence against the Turks was formally declared in 1821, the folklore museum, and the Benaki mansion are well worth a visit. The restored railway engines at the old Station are also worth seeing. There are several Blue Flag beaches close by.

Lefkas marina

Lefkas marina

Lefkas is a yacht charter base of the Ionian Islands and one of the top yacht charter spots in Greece. It is the fourth largest Greek island and it was named after its white ('lefkes' in Greek means white) beaches and the white cliffs of Cape Lefkatas. Lefkas is really a group of 24 islands of varying sizes. The main island stands out for its stunning turquoise water and white sandy beaches, lying mainly along the west coast. The famous beach of Kathisma is also located on the western coast.
Lefkas town is situated on the west bank of the canal that seperates the island from the mainland. There are plenty of shops, tavernas and restaurants both in the town and the marina. The island is joined to the mainland by a floating bridge at the north end of the canal.

Gouvia Marina

Gouvia marina

Gouvia Marina is situated about 6 kilometres from the town of Corfu. For many years it was served as a port of call, where sailors could sail in, to repose, enjoying the climate and the beauties of the island.
The yacht charter base offers facilities and services of high standards. The total capacity is 1100 berths, on both permanent and floating pontoons. There are also dry dock facilities for approximately 520 boats. Moorings are available for boats up to 80 meters long and with 5.5 meters draught, for short or long term periods.
There is a supermarket, a chandlery shop as well as a diving equipment shop in the marina. Restaurants, bars and cafes are located in the quayside. The marina also has a swimming pool, a kindergarden, a cricket and a croquet field that makes it a perfect starting or ending point if you decide to sail in Greece.

Port of Patras Marina

Patras marina

The yacht charter base serves up to 450 boats. It is situated at the north of Patras and has 3 small basins (of 3.5 metres depth), 8 permanent piers and 3 floating piers. There is a wharf and 3 wooden floating piers (68 metres long each), at the middle basin there are 6 wooden permanent piers (44-45 metres long each) and at the north basin there are 2 permanent basins. The marina is protected by breakwaters 620 metres long (towards west) and 52 metres long (towards north). All piers have water supplies (286 in total) and electricity supplies (234 in total). The marina has 2 ramps for the hoisting of boats. The fuel supply is done by third parties.
Patras is the third largest city in Greece. This busy city is a great base from which to explore the area. The city center is about 2 kilometers away from the marina. Patras was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2006 and with four museums and a theater there is much to see.

Port Fiskardo Marina

Fiskardo marina

Fiskardo is a popular Greek sailing destination due to the fact it is a great base to explore many small towns along the coast of Cephalonia. This quaint town is situated about 54 northeast of kilometers Argostoli and is surrounded by pine groves and the coastline is breathtaking.
The town has a variety of shops for provisions as well as excellent tavernas and restaurants. The yacht charter base offers good shelter from whichever direction and so anchoring, especially during the busy summer, is safe with reportedly good holding over sand and rocks.