Sailing Grenada

Grenada is known as the “Spice Isle” due to its major production of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, mace and cocoa. On this incredibly rich island you have a unique opportunity to explore dramatic sceneries, tropical rain forests and stunning white and black volcanic beaches. In between sailing, take a dip in the tropical waters and explore rich coral gardens.


Discover sunken shipwrecks and make sure not to miss an amazing snorkeling session in the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park. Experience Grenada on board your luxury yacht and have fun on a sailing vacation you will always remember.

The Caribbean region is best known for its wonderful beaches and pristine waters, but also for its history mostly marked by a long colonial period.
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Because of its proximity to the Equator and cooling trade winds that blow around the area, Grenada is a place to visit and sail around throughout the whole year. Grenada Sailing Festival takes place in late January or early February, so make sure you stop by!