Is It Better to Sail on a Charter Yacht in Croatia or Greece?

Croatia is a relatively new addition to the list of top yacht charter destinations whereas Greece has a long yachting history. Both countries have more than a thousand islands, perfect to sail among. Both countries have plenty of historical sites but most of them are found on shore.

Both Croatia and Greece are famous for their good food and friendly people. So, to decide whether to sail in Croatia or to sail in Greece is definitely not a simple decision.

Talking about yacht charter in Croatia the yacht charter prices here are sometimes higher than in Greece, especially during the high season, between July 1 and August 31. However, Croatia still has to offer  unspoiled spots that are not so much "damaged" by mass tourism, and its islands are greener than the ones in Greece.

Croatia is widely considered one of the best yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean. Almost perfect combination of numerous islands, unspoiled nature, incredible vistas, and good sailing winds makes Croatia one of the most attractive sailing spots in the world.

The winds in Croatia tend to be tamer than in Greece. Most of the time there is the Mistral that never really goes over 20 knots. It is predictable and blows almost every day. However, the tricky wind is the Bora that can be rather dangerous, and can make your sailing in Croatia adventurous.
Greece, on the other hand, has more islands, amazing beaches and somewhat stronger winds. It is also significantly bigger than Croatia, and as such naturally it offers a larger sailing area. Each of more than 2000 Greek islands offers unique beauty and charm. Only 169 of them are inhabited and offer plenty to the modern sailing enthusiast - everything from numerus marinas to lively entertainment.

The season for yacht charter in Greece starts similarly to the season in Croatia, in March, and peaks in July and August. The only downside of this busiest yacht charter period in Greece are extremely high temperatures, whereas in Croatia in this period it may be a bit difficult to find a spot in a marina.