Is It Better to Sail in Malta or Italy?

Malta combines the peace and quiet with a thriving nightlife. Sail in Malta: it boasts some beautiful beaches and fantastic historical sites - Malta is often described as an open-air museum. Malta and the surrounding islands are the ideal destination for someone who loves sailing the open seas.

Being of rather small size and since there are several smaller islands surrounding it, Malta is made for combining a yacht charter with visits to the shore.

The island of Malta has a favorable location in the Mediterranean. Malta, as well as the surrounding islands of Gozo, Comino and Cominotto, boast some beautiful beaches and as such are attractive yacht charter destinations.

Chartering a yacht and sailing around Malta, gives you the opportunity to visit St Paul's island, St Julian's Harbour, and the lovely fishing harbour of Marsaxlokk, which is located on the south of the island. The quiet Gozo is the second biggest island and worth a visit ashore. Comino features the famous Blue Lagoon and offers some excellent swimming spots.

Sail in Italy: due to its beautiful coast and charming islands Italy is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations. Italy's premier sailing spots are the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Naples area. There are also glamorous spots like Sanremo where it is always important to see and to be seen.

Italy as a yacht charter destination has a lot to offer, from magnificent historical monuments to beautiful scenery. Sailing season in Italy starts in May and ends in late October, July and August are its peak months. There are four distinct sailing areas in Italy. These include the Tuscan Islands, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Sicily with the Aeolian Islands and Sardinia. Each of these four areas has its own distinct charm and features, and offer unique sailing experiences.

Sailing around Naples, Procida and the Amalfi Coast consists of shorter legs, and incorporates beautiful beaches, rugged landscapes, and plenty of glamorous nightlife. However, these beauties come with a certain cost - the mooring costs in the area are some of the most expensive in the Mediterranean. Sardinia is interesting due to its amazing coast with hundreds of secluded coves. Sardinia's highlight is without a doubt Costa Smeralda ("Emerald Coast") with its charming beaches and villages. Sailing around Sicily and the Aeolian Islands offers a trip into history and a test to your sailing abilities, whereas the Tuscan Islands feature a lovely mix of typical Tuscan scenery and excellent sailing opportunities.

Yacht charter Italy or Yacht charter Malta? Both gives you the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean at its best.