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This was our first time to use Sailing Europe for Mediterranean yacht charter. It was a pleasant experience from our first opening of their website. The website was clear, the selection of Yachts was extensive and the prices were competitive. The progressive collection of payment and data was easy to follow and Irina was always there to cheerfully answer any questions. The boat was as expected and the check in procedure at the base was trouble free. I'd be delighted to recommend them for your next Sailing Holiday.


Hello. I would like to say thank you very much to SailingEurope and especially to Diana Sikic. We contacted to Diana twice in the 2017 year and 2018. Each time she provided us with detailed and precise information quickly. It was very nice and it was big surprise for us that we could get answers on our questions about boats and trip in our native language (Russian). So we had great adventure in Croatia - from Split we reached Dubrovnik, visited the most spectacular cities in that region Split, Trogir, Hvar, Korchula and Dubrovnik, visited two national parks on Mlet and Lastovo. Also I would like to say thank you to charter company Y4Y. The boat was in good condition (we didn't have any serious issues) and we were satisfied with the boat.


Sailing Europe is my favourite yacht charter from season to season. Very nice informative Kruna in office and friendly professional guys at the base make all things for your amazing vacation. Thanks a lot, guys!

Igor Kornalevskiy

Quick and easy takeover of the yacht; the features were as described. The assigned technician was easily reached by phone when we had a problem with the generator. After return a few small damages were inspected and handled generously. All in all a pleasant experience, and we look forward to rent again from Sailing Europe.

Joerg Neddens

I have booked already three times with Sailing Europe and I was never disappointed. Everything was always perfect.

Thomas Langenegger

4,72 Average

94,4% of reviewers recommend SailingEurope

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Igor Kornalevskiy A mon avis, vous êtes la meilleure agence de location de yachts sur la Côte Adriatique...

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Vous avez toujours été attiré par la mer et par la sensation de liberté? Si la réponse est "oui" apprenez plus au sujet de la navigation à voile et des bateaux et vous deviendrez accro pour la vie.

Conseils de navigatio

Lisez les conseils de navigation sur des sujets tels que : les enfants à bord, animaux à bord, la cuisine à bord, choisir la location d'une cabine ou d'un yacht, le guide utile de location yachts et la FAQ.


Pour rendre vos vacances de voile plus détendues, nous avons préparé un ensemble d'itinéraires pour les périodes de 7 et 14 jours. Si vous voulez créer votre propre itinéraire, utilisez notre planificateur d'itinéraire interactif.

Navigation en Croatie

Préparez-vous à votre aventure en Croatie et apprenez davantage sur les vents en Adriatique, la culture croate et les lieux à visiter. Découvrez pourquoi la Croatie est l’une des meilleures destinations à voile au monde, avec plus de 1100 iles à explorer.

Navigation en Grèce

Naviguez en Grèce, la destination nautique la plus populaire au monde. Louez un bateau en Grèce et choisissez l’un de nos itinéraires préparés. Découvrez quels sont les ports les plus populaires et quels endroits visiter.

Navigation en Italie

Découvrez l’Italie : ses paysages pittoresques, ses meilleures ports de location, ses lieux de visite et autres merveilles. Choisissez votre yacht idéal et prenez le large en suivant l’un de nos itinéraires proposés.

Plus de Navigation Méditerranée

La Méditerranée est l’une des destinations les plus attractives au monde grâce à sa nature magnifique et son riche patrimoine culturel. Naviguez en Espagne, louez un yacht à Malte, en Croatie, en Grèce ou en Turquie…