Yacht Charter France

Yacht charter in France is usually identified with sailing along the French Riviera, famous Mediterranean coastline at the southeast of France. Mild climate, picturesque landscape and great sailing conditions have largely contributed to the popularity of yacht charter in France and thus to the development of the first modern resort areas. With time, St Tropez, Antibes, Nice, and Monaco have become synonymous with glamor, fashion and luxury yacht charter. Needless to say, sailing the French Riviera is not cheap, whether you are planning to spend your vacation on a super yacht or take a bareboat charter.


The French Riviera is not the only sailing destination in France. South of the Côte d'Azur lies the island of Corsica, infused with both Italian and French culture. Take a sailboat charter and explore the old Genoese capital Bastia, Napoleon Bonaparte's birthplace Ajaccio and the breathtaking citadel Bonifacio.

French Riviera is one of Europe’s most famous sailing destinations offering style and luxury at its finest.
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Southwest of France you will find the industrial city of Marseille, France’s main port in the Mediterranean. However, take note that Marseille lies in the infamous Gulf of Lion, plagued with harsh winds like the mistral and tramontane. Experienced sailors looking for a challenge rather than a leisure sailing holiday might be more interested in yacht charter in the north of France, La Manche or the English channel, or the infamous eastern Bay of Biscay.

Why sailing in France?

  • With glamorous sailing resorts like St Tropez, Antibes, Nice and Monaco, the French Riviera is the world’s most luxurious sailing destination.
  • There are several sailing regions in France, each catering to a different type of sailor, from peaceful Corsica to the challenging Gulf of Lion.
  • Nautical season lasts from May to September.

Sailing regions in France