Motor Yachts for Charter

Motor Yachts for Charter

Why Charter a Motor Yacht?

A motor yacht is a modern version of a well-known sailing yacht and it is very common nowadays. Motor yachts are powered not by sails, but by the power of an engine which makes them more stable than sailing boats. Sailing a motor yacht offers an outstanding experience of comfort, speed and freedom to go anywhere you like, regardless of the weather conditions. It is, therefore, ideal for island-hopping. This type of boat is very popular among yachtsmen because it offers quality, spaciousness and a reasonable charter price.

Motor yachts have a powerful engine, but are easy to manoeuvre - they bring a lot of excitement to both experienced yachtsmen and novices. They are also capable of sailing in shallower waters due to a shallow draft. Chartering a motor yacht offers you luxury and performance, and it has a lot of perks, such as jacuzzies, dance floors, bars, sometimes even swimming pools. Therefore, they are ideal for hosting parties or other special events. Treat yourself to a sailing holiday, but take into account that fuel costs can be quite high.

Motorboat Categories

If you are going to rent a motor yacht, it is important to know the different motorboat types. Motorboats fall into these categories.

Open Motorboats

Open motorboats have no roof over the cockpit. Smaller open motorboats usually do not have sleeping cabins, while larger can have several placed in the bow.

Hard Top Motorboats

Hardtop motorboats are different from open motorboats because they have a covered cockpit. They also have cabins that are located in the bow. There are certain hard top motorboats that have cabins under the cockpit.

Fly Bridge Motorboats

Fly Bridge Motorboats are a type of hardtop motorboats with another cockpit on the roof of the motorboat. Being on the higher level, the second cockpit is great for manoeuvring and sunbathing.

Power Catamarans

Even though power catamarans fall under the catamaran category, power catamarans can be counted as motorboats, too. It is because they are powered entirely by engines.

General Characteristics

The big advantage of motor yacht charter is that it is fast. That means that you can get where you want to go a lot quicker than with a sailboat. Also, it means that you can visit a lot more places on your vacation. Rent a motor yacht if you love speed. Rent a motor yacht if you love to feel the wind in your hair and the unique sense of freedom motor yacht charter enables.

Rental Occasions

Motor yacht charter is a great choice for many occasions. They are ideal for a one-day cruise to reach certain destinations you are not able to reach otherwise. For example, hidden beaches and lagoons. Motor yacht charter is an ideal option for a one-day getaway with your family and loved ones. They are a great choice for wedding-related cruises and honeymoons. Be creative when you rent a motor yacht. The possibilities are endless.


Safety should be a number one priority for any type of yacht charter and motor yacht charter is no exception. If anything, one should be even more careful while chartering a motorboat because a motorboat is much faster than a regular sailboat.

Of course, there are certain rules everyone should follow. Before you head out, you will be introduced to the boat. You will be introduced to the location of the safety equipment as well. Safety equipment includes a fire extinguisher, escape hatches, hoses and other items. You will also be told safety at sea and emergency procedures.

Motorboat rental options

You can rent many types of motor yachts. Choose from a crewed motor yacht, a speedboat and a sports cruiser, flybridge cruiser, superyacht and power catamaran. All of their characteristics will be explained down below. The price depends on the type and the size of the boat, and the manufacturer. However, chartering a superyacht is considerably the most expensive option, while chartering a speedboat is the most affordable since it’s usually a one-day charter.

Crewed motor yacht charter

Crewed yacht charter

If you want to experience a vacation where you can be fully relaxed and free of worries, opt for a crewed charter. There are two types of crewed charters, skippered and fully crewed. The first option is a reasonable choice when you are not an experienced sailor. Having a skipper can be a great advantage because (s)he will not only operate the boat but will also be your tourist guide and take you to the best destinations in your sailing area. On the other hand, if you’d like to enjoy maximum relaxation, you can opt for a fully crewed charter.

The chosen crew will do everything for you, from navigating to cooking. A complete crew consist of a skipper, cook and hostess. Crewed motor yacht charter is the right choice for those who enjoy the comfort and would like to have an active vacation without any obligations or responsibilities, which makes it extremely desirable among vacationists. You have to, however, take into account that fully crewed yachts are larger, have more powerful engines and are therefore more expensive. Also, keep in mind that you have to provide food and a place to sleep to all crew members.

Speedboat and sport cruisers rental

RIB speedboat rental

Chartering a speedboat is a great option if you’d like to take a one-day trip to a certain destination. Moreover, since it has smaller dimensions, it offers more privacy - you don’t have to share your space with a lot of strangers. Sports cruisers offer a modern design, which includes a “sporty” look and a V-shaped hull, fast performance and comfort for all on board.

It is suitable for team building activities, business meetings and sightseeing. Both are the right option for sailors who like the adrenalin rush, cutting the waves at higher speed, wind at their back, smaller crew and a great view from the deck.

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Flybridge cruisers rent

flybridge curiser rent

A flybridge cruiser has a very recognizable design due to its tall upper deck accompanied by an elevated helm station. This kind of design allows enhanced visibility which is very important when sailing. If you enjoy fishing, chartering a flybridge would be the ideal choice. It is the perfect boat for fishing because it has easy access to the water and its style is often associated with fishing yachts.

Flybridges are very powerful and are designed to handle rough weather. In case the bad weather manages to catch you, you can easily escape it and get home really fast. Flybridges are suitable not only for a one-day trip but also for a weekly rental.

Find a yacht with a flybridge

Rent a superyacht – luxury yacht charter

superyacht charter

If you’d like to go all out for your sailing vacation and have deep pockets, opt for a luxury yacht charter. Renting a superyacht gives you an unforgettable experience of a luxury vacation tailored to your desires and needs. Sail wherever and whenever you like, visit beautiful sand beaches and historical cities, enjoy customized culinary delights, maintain a healthy lifestyle exercising in fitness areas or fully equipped gyms, or have a spa day.

Moreover, have a whole day dedicated to watersports, play with all kinds of toys and accessories that a luxury yacht charter provides, for example, water slides, floating pools, inflatables etc. Enjoy the outdoor cinema experience while your kids play board games or PlayStation/X-Box. Enjoy the endless activities that a luxury yacht charter has to offer. Take a well-deserved break and wake up every morning with a panoramic view of the sea.

Yacht rental destinations for your next holiday

There are many amazing destinations all around the world and it is quite difficult to choose a vacation spot. When yachting, you have no limits. Yachts are worth their weight in gold and that’s why your sails will take you anywhere you want. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular sailing destinations and it is the place where many rental yachts have found their home. If you'd like to explore Europe and its waters, charter a motor yacht in Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain or Turkey and prepare for your next sailing holiday.

Yacht rental Croatia

Yacht rental Croatia

Surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the Croatian coast has a lot to offer to vacationists all around the world. With more than 1000 islands and islets, it’s a perfect destination for chartering a yacht. Cruise along the secluded bays, visit beautiful marinas and explore amazing historical cities. The areas of Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik are the most popular summer charter destinations, with the islands of Hvar, Brač and Kornati being the most popular spots for yachtsmen in the Adriatic.

The island of Hvar, known for its vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields is one of the most common stops for superyacht vacationists, as well as the city of Dubrovnik, know for its walls that are featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Yacht rental Greece

Yacht rental Greece

Greece is a country that is well-known for its rich history and interesting architecture. Thinking about Greece, the first thing that comes to one’s mind are most certainly Greek houses painted in white and blue. People might not know that Greece is surrounded by three seas, Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian. It also offers 6000 islands and islets, but only around 200 of them are inhabited and accessible only by boat, which is a great opportunity for motor yacht charter.

There are five main island groups that you can cruise along in your rented motor yacht: the Cyclades Islands, the Saronic Islands, the Dodecanese, the Ionian Islands and the Sporades. If you are planning on chartering a luxury yacht, make sure to head to Athens because it is the area where all of the superyachts are currently based.

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Yacht rental Italy

Yacht rental Italy

Italy is one of the places that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Its rich culture, history, cuisine and beautiful coast attract more and more vacationists every year. Italy has a coastline on Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Ligurian seas which makes it a perfect destination for yachtsmen.

Some of the places you need to visit when cruising in Italy are the islands of Sardinia and Sicily, Portofino and Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, as well as the cities of Naples and Venice. If you’d like to charter a superyacht, places you need to take into consideration are Portofino and the coastal city of Venice as well as Rome, Naples, and the island of Capri.

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Yacht rental France

Yacht rental France

Surrounded by crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, France is considered one of the most popular destinations for a luxury yacht charter. You can cruise four navigating areas: The beautiful French Riviera, the mountainous island of Corsica, the historical city of Marseille, and the famous port of La Trinité-Sur-Mer.

France is known for its mild climate which makes it a great destination for a sailing holiday. If you choose to charter a superyacht, head to the south of France and enjoy the luxury of the cities such as St. Tropez and Cannes, or visit Corsica, known as the French island for superyachts.

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Yacht rental Spain

Yacht rental Spain

Known for its relaxed lifestyle, friendly locals, great cuisine and beautiful sand beaches, Spain is one of the most desirable destinations for chartering a motor yacht. It has the great privilege of being surrounded by the sea and the ocean, and thus offers three cruising destinations: the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands.

When chartering a superyacht in Spain, you can enjoy the incredible scenery of the cities of Barcelona, Ibiza and Valencia or visit the shores of the Balearic Islands Majorca and Menorca. Listen to the sounds of flamenco, experience vibrant nightlife and have the time of your life in the world’s most inviting destination – Spain.

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Yacht rental Turkey

Yacht rental Turkey

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about Turkey is its most popular city of Istanbul, but not many people know that Turkey is so much more than just bazaars and Turkish coffee. In fact, this beautiful country has all the qualities for an amazing charter vacation.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas, it offers exceptional charter destinations, such as the cities of Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek and Fethiye. Practice all sorts of watersports, explore secluded Mediterranean islands and learn all about the rich Turkish culture. If you choose to spend your holidays on a luxury yacht, you can begin your sailing adventure in Göcek, and then head to the islands of Kekova or Kas.

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Yacht rental Caribbean

Yacht rental Caribbean

Known for its turquoise sea, sandy beaches and palm trees, the Caribbean has always been described as a heaven on earth and is, therefore, a paradise destination for renting a motor yacht. The best areas for a motor yacht charter in the Caribbean are the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), the Leeward Islands and the Grenadines. If you decide to sail the British Virgin Islands, you can experience island-hopping, which is great if you like adventures and want to experience the diversity of the islands.

If your holidays are party-oriented, make sure to visit the USVI, where you can experience excellent evening entertainment. If you are planning on spending your holidays onboard a luxury yacht, head to the Leeward Islands, a cultural melting pot of the Caribbean. Lastly, movie enthusiasts will be astounded when they visit the Grenadines, one of the filming locations of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

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