Top 10 Greek Food Everyone Should Try

Despite all those natural beauties, Greece is worldwide famous by its own food specialities. We bring you our list of top 10 Greek food everyone should try.

Gennaker – Two Sails in One or What?

The gennaker is a type of sail that is less know about, as opposed to other types, such as the jib, the genoa and the spinnaker. Today’s post describes the characteristics of the gennaker and how it differs from other types of sails, particularly the spinnaker, from which it evolved when sailors realized it is much simpler to handle.

Onboard Toilet Use

Using a toilet on a yacht is not the same as using a home toilet. Find out how to use manual, electric and vacuum onboard toilets, and make your vacation more comfortable and enjoyable.

Safest Caribbean Islands and Ones To Avoid

Know your travel destination and take necessary precautions.

How To Make A Paper Boat

Learn how to make a paper boat with our simple step by step instructions. If you’re looking how to make a paper boat easily you’ve come to the right place.

16 Most Prestigious Regattas in the World (2/2)

The second part of the world’s acclaimed sailing races list.

Sailing Apps You Shouldn’t Go Out To Sea Without

Sailing apps can be very useful while at sea. Technology has advanced so much we can now fully relax and let sailing apps do all the hard work for us.

16 Most Prestigious Regattas in the World (part 1/2)

We prepared an extensive list of the world’s renowned sailing races that spark an interest of both leisure and professional sailors.

The Notorious Pirate Ship Captain and His Downfall

The story of a dreaded pirate captain Edward Teach and his famous pirate ship.

Top 10 Sailing Movies To Watch in 2021

The ocean, the sea and exceptionally brave sailors in fantastic adventure stories.

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