Famous Shipwrecks and Where You Can Try to Find Them


Shipwrecks have always been intriguing. They are mysterious and interesting and they combine the two of our greatest loves – ships and the sea.

Sailing with Children

Sailing with children

Children would enjoy their stay on the yacht as long as they find it funny, interesting and exciting. But remember safety on board comes first. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your charter agency to provide small life wests suitable for children – their age, size and weight.

Sustainability and Sailing


Sailing is one of the greenest sports out there but if you’re looking on becoming even more eco-friendly while sailing, we got some advice for you

Best Islands to Visit in Thailand

Best islands in Thailand

Have you already found your favourite island in Thailand? If you still haven’t, take a look at our list and choose one – they’re all beautiful!

Circumnavigation or Sailing Around the World


Circumnavigation has always been an obsession of humanity. Meet some of the bravest circumnavigators from the history.

Sailing With a Cat and a Dog: Challenges, Experiences and Solutions

Sailing with a dog

Are you ready for an unforgettable sailing holiday with your loved ones and your pet?

How a Person Became a Sailor for Life: “I Will Never Get Enough of Sailing!”


Nihad Gluščić is our long time friend and he has been sailing with us for years. This is a story of how one person became a sailor for life.

Best Time To Visit Greek Islands

Greek weather

Greek weather is not usually know as being inpredictable. Find out what’s the weather like in Greece during the year and what’s the best time to go sailing.

Edible Shellfish of the Mediterranean


Read all about the most common edible shellfish found in the Mediterranean, some of them well-known, such as oysters and mussels, and some you’ve probably never heard of.

Best Greek Islands To Visit


Charter a yacht on Greek islands and spend the best time sailing the Mediterranean.

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