The Notorious Pirate Ship Captain and His Downfall

The story of a dreaded pirate captain Edward Teach and his famous pirate ship.

What to Expect from and How to Treat a Skipper

The most important person on the boat.

Sailing with Children: Tips & Tricks

Children would enjoy their stay on the yacht as long as they find it funny, interesting and exciting. But remember safety on board comes first. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your charter agency to provide small life wests suitable for children – their age, size and weight.

Nautical Flags and Their Meaning: What To Know As a Sailing Beginner?

All those who have been at least once on the dock or a pier probably noticed a large number of different flags hanging from the flagpoles. Those nautical flags are not just there to show you from which…

Dinghy Sailing – What You Need To Know?

Dinghy is a type of sailing that uses small boats in two basic ways: for recreation and sailing competitions. Learn more about this famous boat type.

Sailing Knots For Sailing Beginners – Learn How To Tie Sailors Knots

If you want to be a successful sailor, you have to learn how to tie sailing knots

Croatia Is Officially Open for Yacht Charterers!

Croatian authorities decided to open borders for all luxury yacht charterers.

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 – Highly Personalised Sailing Yacht

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 is a well-designed upgrade of the company’s popular Oceanis 35. Similarly to the earlier boat, the 35.1 has a contemporary, high-performance hull designed by Finot-Conq duo. About Beneteau Beneteau is a French sail and motor…

Earth Magnetic Field – what to know

Like many other planets in our solar system, the Earth has its magnetic field. Because of a large molten iron core, our planet is like one big magnet.  The Earth has several poles, not just two. It has…

Oceanis 46.1 – design, comfort and performance

Introduction of the Oceanis 46.1 If you were thinking about scheduling yourself a sailing trip sometime soon, you most probably came across Beneteau boats, especially Oceanis 46.1. For the introduction purposes, Beneteau is a French sail and motorboat…

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