Sailing Superstitions: Grab a Black Cat and Leave the Bananas

Sailing superstitions

Sailing superstitions are a great reminder of sailing history. Sea, being unpredictable as it is, made sailors turn to superstitions for safety.

Best Seas for Sailing: From Adriatic to the Andaman

Sea in the Sunset

Have you ever wondered what is the best sea for sailing? Well, we don’t know but here are some of our favourite seas for sailing.

Oysters without Decoration

Decoration is a very important aspect of serving the food. Nowadays, we can see all over social media people posting photos of their wonderful dishes. There are some types of food, however, which are their own decoration. Oysters are one such dish.

Central Adriatic Route – a Little Bit of Everything


Central Adriatic is regarded by many to be one of the most interesting sailing destinations in the world. Visiting all of its beauties in one go could be a bit challenging, but our skipper has prepared a route will enable you to visit this magical region.

Lošinj – The Award Winning Island of Vitality


Lošinj – island of vitality and island of scents and tastes. Not only is it worth visiting when you decide to cruise aboard a charter yacht around the North Adiratic, Lošinj also established the Program of Sustainable Development and is building a brand new eco-marina. On top of it all, Lošinj is in the one-day range of all charter bases and marinas at the North Adriatic.

Wintertime in the Adriatic – The Kingdom of the Squid

Squid stew

Wintertime in the Adriatic is perfect for squids. There are numerous ways of preparing squids. An interesting one is squid stew. Tiny sliced onions, olive oil, squids, cuttlefish and tomatoes are all you need to make this delicious meal. Of course, a glass of thick red wine is always welcome. Enjoy!

Spring Delight


We have already written how every culture and community have their own signs of knowing when one season ends and another begins. People who are closely in touch with nature can predict such changes better than anyone else. Our skipper has his own way or predicting when spring will arrive. To learn how having good taste in food can announce you the beginning of spring, read this story!

X-Yachts – Be Careful What You Wish for…

X-Yachts X43

…because your with might come true. Find out what makes X-Yachts one of the most wanted and luxurious yachts currently roaming the seas.

The Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 – the European Largest Boat Show

See the best of the best from the yachting industry by attending the luxurious Cannes Yachting Festival.

Tiwal 3: For Those Addicted to Sailing

Tiwal 3

Tiwal 3 is a small sailing dinghy that comes in a kit, which means that you can put it together and start sailing after only 20 minutes. This inflatable sailing dinghy is meant for one adult person but I believe it could be safe enough for one adult and two smaller kids, since its transport capacity is up to 200 kg. Tiwal 3 is excellent for sailing enthusiasts and all who can’t live without sailing.

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