Catamaran Yacht Charter

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran or often referred to as 'cat' is a multi-hulled vessel, which means that it combines two or more hulls, also known as pontoons. Its characteristics can be compared to the ones of sailing yachts which are monohulls. Its two-hull design offers a higher degree of stability in comparison to a monohull sailing yacht. Furthermore, a cat, like a sailing yacht, is propelled by wind power but can travel a lot faster due to its needle-like shaped monohulls or multihulls.

Other than by sails, both can be powered by an engine and recently, more and more yachts have exchanged their sails for motors which is another great advantage. It thus represents an innovation in modern sailing and makes the sailing experience more comfortable and pleasurable than ever before.

Why charter a catamaran?

Catamarans are very popular among yachtsmen because they offer a good balance between sailing performance and comfort. There are many perks of chartering one. The first being its versatility, meaning that it’s great for all sorts of social gatherings, that vary from family vacations to team buildings or even parties. Other than that, they give you an incredible degree of stability thanks to the two-hull design, which helps in reducing seasickness.

Cats can achieve higher speed and they offer more space on deck and inside, and are therefore perfect for larger groups. No-sail designed cats, i.e. power catamarans, offer grand sundecks and sky lounges with a panoramic view of the sea. They also deliver easy access to the water, which is great for practising all kinds of watersports. Cats usually have smaller drafts and are able to sail in shallow bays or closer to the beach, which leads to more privacy. The most important thing is that you don’t have to be a professional sailor in order to manoeuvre the boat. Quite the opposite, it is very easy to handle because of its twin propellers and lightweight.

Catamarans are not dangerous. They are as dangerous as any sailboat if not handled properly. But if you are a skilful sailor or have a knowledgeable skipper onboard, sailing a cat is as safe as a walk in the park. Therefore cats are no safer than a regular sailboat and it all depends on your or your skipper's skills.

What is easier to manoeuvre – a catamaran or a sailboat?

Catamarans and sailboats are equally easy to manoeuvre. The main difference between the two is their design because of which people have certain preferences. In general, catamarans have more deck space. On the other hand, the distance between winches and mooring lines is longer because of the two hulls that catamarans have.

The advantage of catamarans is that they have two separate engines which allow you to easily turn the boat around. On the other hand, some find it difficult to navigate catamarans precisely due to their size. Because of the size, the overview of the catamaran can be bad.

It all comes to what you prefer and what kind of a holiday-maker you are.

Catamaran rental options

There are two types of cats that are available for rent - a sailing catamaran yacht, propelled by sails and a power catamaran yacht, powered by an engine. A power cat is an innovative boat that has exchanged its traditional sails for an engine. It is very similar to a motor yacht but still offers a unique sailing experience. A power cat yields a great degree of stability thanks to the two-hull design. It can also achieve higher speed, it is more efficient in fuel consumption and it offers more space than a sailing cat.

Cats are not expensive considering their comfort and all the advantages they come with to the sailboat. It all depends where you are chartering a cat and when you are chartering it. It also depends if the boat is newer or an older model. For instance, a newer model in the high season can cost anywhere from €4,000 to €10,000 in the Mediterranean and an older one from €2,000 to €5,000. Prices in the Caribbean can be and usually are higher.

An improved balance guaranteed by two hulls reduces seasickness, which is extremely important when sailing. The layout of both types of boats is the same, but a no-sail design offers more space and a better panoramic view of the sea since there are no sails that may block the view. They also provide easy access to the water, which is great for practising all kinds of watersports and are thus superb for a family vacation or a social gathering. Additionally, you can choose between a bareboat, skippered and a crewed charter (luxury).

Charter a Catamaran

Charter a Catamaran

propelled by sails

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Rent a Power Catamaran

Rent a Power Catamaran

a real home on the water

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Crewed charters (luxury) catamarans vs bareboat

Luxury or crewed catamaran

Spending a vacation on a cat that you can navigate by yourself can be a lot of fun and it surely gives you a lot of privacy. You are able to sail wherever and whenever you like without having to deal with strangers on board, but you might not know that having a crew can ease your life to the highest extent. If you’d like to go all out for your sailing vacation, opt for luxury crewed yachts that offers you privacy, luxury and comfort at an unbelievably affordable price. A crewed yachts charter vacation gives you the opportunity to escape to the sea with your family and friends without having to worry about navigating, planning itineraries, cooking or cleaning. Crewed yacht charter is a stress-free holiday for everyone!

The dedicated crew will gladly do all the work for you and take you to the best sailing locations in your sailing area. If you worry about the lack of privacy, please don’t, because the crew quarters, in general, have their separate rooms. Enjoy both the beautiful exterior and interior of your dream luxury yacht that will astound you with its grand deck, trampoline for sunbathing and a vast indoor dining area. Meet new people, take a well-deserved break and spend the most relaxing sailing vacation ever on board a dream luxury yacht.


Recently, cats have become a very popular choice for a yacht charter due to their generous onboard space and stability. It is said that the French build the best exterior, while the German produce the best interior. Some of many manufacturers are revolutionary Catana and Bali manufacturers from France, Nautitech line also made in France, Privilege made in USA, Lagoon with factories in Bordeaux, spacious and robust Leopard made in USA and the world leader in the production of luxury cats Fountaine Pajot, based in France.

Interiors and layouts

Catamaran layout Catamarans have an eye-catching exterior due to a two-hull design, but are very impressive on the inside as well. As it was already mentioned, there are two types of cats – one that is propelled by the power of wind and the other that is powered by an engine. A no-sail designed kind is, however, more spacious since there are no sails that could take up the deck space or block the view. As for the exterior, it has a flybridge with a helm station, which offers a 360-degree view of the sea, a spacious main seating area, and an easily accessible sunbathing platform. The interior is very comfortable and stylish.

An open floor plan offers a well-equipped L-shaped galley connected to a dining area consisting of a comfortable settee and a table. Behind the settee, there are usually glass doors that open to an aft cockpit where you can watch sunsets and sunrises. Below deck, you can find cabins with double beds and bathrooms, i.e. guest staterooms, that are placed in each hull and whose number depends on the size of the yacht. All in all, one of the cats’ biggest advantages is its open layout which provides easy communication between guests on deck and the ones below, as well as an awesome panoramic view that you can enjoy from every part of the boat.

Rent a 3 cabins catamaran

Rent a three cabins catamaran

You and your friends are looking for the perfect place for a vacation? Why choose one when you can go sailing and visit more than just one destination? Our 3 cabin cats are ideal for 3 couples that are ready for an adventure. These yachts come with a kitchen, sitting area and a few toilets.
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Rent a 4 cabins catamaran

Charter a four cabins catamaran

If you and your friends or family are looking for a cat, look no further. Our 4 cabin catamarans will make sure everyone is comfortable while enjoying their vacation. Four cabin yachts come with a sitting area, multifunctional kitchen, four bedrooms and a few toilets.
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Rent a 5 cabins catamaran

Book a five cabins catamaran

Five cabin cats are the perfect choice for an incredible holiday. They come with 4 big bedrooms and one smaller one. You can also enjoy a bigger kitchen and a large sitting area with a nice deck where you can have unforgettable dinners with your friends and family.
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Rent a 6 cabins catamaran

Rent a six cabins catamarans

You don't want to have the best possible holiday but also have the comfort of your home. 6 cabin cats are what you're looking for. With its cosy bedrooms, 3 toilets and big deck for enjoying mesmerizing sunsets you can't go wrong.
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Rent a 7 cabins sailboat

Charter a seven cabins catamaran

Seven cabin cat is what you're looking for if you want to feel like a king. It will provide maximal comfort to your crew. It comes with 3 toilets, a large and fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful deck.
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Rent an 8 cabins catamaran

Book an eight cabins catamaran

You have a large group of friends or a big family? No, problem! Opt for our 8 cabin catamaran to make sure everyone has the time of their lives. 8 cabin cats are the definition of comfort and are more of a house on the water than a boat. They come with 4 toilets, a large sitting area, a fully equipped kitchen and a big deck for all your crew's needs.
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Best catamaran rental destinations for your next holiday

With numerous amazing places all around the world, choosing a vacation spot can be quite difficult. When yachting, you have no limits, but you have to take into account the type of boat that you are sailing on, because not all of them are suitable for any destination. A normal cat has a smaller draft and it is thus capable of sailing in shallower waters, meaning that you can come really close to the coast and the beaches. The most popular sailing places for cat rental are Europe and the Caribbean. Charter a yacht and sail among the beautiful islands of Croatia and Greece or discover pacific, tropical Caribbean islands - where you want to visit is completely your choice. If you wish to spend your sailing vacations onboard your dream luxury cat, charter yachts in the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

Catamaran rental Caribbean

Caribbean catamaran charter

Bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, and being surrounded by 7000 islands, the Caribbean is a paradise destination for yachtsmen and thus heaven on Earth for yachts sailing. Known for its turquoise sea, sandy beaches and palm trees, it has always been described as heaven on earth. The best areas for catamaran yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean are the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Bahamas, as well as the islands of Martinique, Grenada, Saint Lucia or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The British Virgin Islands are a good choice for yacht charters since most of the islands are small and uninhabited and thus offer you the opportunity to explore the unspoiled nature.

Other than that, the islands offer numerous activities – you can try diving or snorkelling, you can practice various water sports or try out street food. However, if you just need to recharge your batteries, you can simply relax on the beach and sunbathe. Cats yacht charters on the British Virgin Islands offers you an exceptional opportunity for island-hopping, which is great if you like adventures and want to experience the diversity of the islands.

Another destination that is very popular when it comes to yacht charters are the Bahamas. The Bahamas attract a lot of sailors thanks to some of the world's most beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise sea, as well as the best sailing conditions. There are lots of beautiful and interesting islands you can visit in the Bahamas archipelago. One of them are the Abaco Islands which can be a starting point of your sailing adventure. Discover the beauties that this archipelago offers and explore the mangrove forests or practice snorkelling in one of the largest barrier reefs in the area.

Your yacht can then take you to Pig Island where you can walk along endless sand beaches and most importantly, feed and hang out with the swimming pigs! The Bahamas are therefore a great choice for a cat charter, book now and enjoy! There are lots of other destinations that you can visit during your sailing vacations in the Caribbean. Movie enthusiasts will be astounded when they visit the Grenadines, one of the filming locations of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the picturesque cities of Havana and Santiago de Cuba, located on the island of Cuba, known for mamba, cha-cha, cigars and rum. A stunning place to charter yachts indeed. See all catamarans in The Caribbean


Charter a catamaran in Croatia

A place that is no longer a secret, but much rather for years and years it is being recognized as one of the top places for sailing in the world. And there are very good reasons why. The Mediterranean climate is a huge advantage. It offers mild winters and hot and dry summers. The sailing season lasts from April till September although some like to go sailing in March and October as well. During the summer months, sailors can enjoy gentle northern wind that is ideal for sailing. Besides great sailing conditions, one can enjoy this Mediterranean country's rich history, culture, food and more than 1,100 islands.
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Catamaran rental Greece

Charter a catamaran in Greece

The birthplace of modern civilization. Besides its overwhelming history and rich culture is one of the greatest places for sailing. This Mediterranean country is surrounded by three seas - Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean - so you will have a hard time deciding where to go sailing. And to make things even more difficult for you, you can decide among more than 6,000 islands and islets. The sailing season last till April to September, and you will not have a problem with catching winds. You cannot go wrong with this beautiful place because it is a place that guarantees an unforgettable sailing holiday.
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