Choosing a boat depends greatly on your preferences. When choosing a boat for your sailing vacation, you can choose among sailboats, catamarans, gulets, or motor yachts.

There are four types of yacht charters you can choose from: bareboat yacht charter, skippered yacht charter, crewed yacht charter, and cabin charter. What you will choose depends on your preferences and needs.

Bareboat yacht charter is the basic option when chartering a yacht, and it means chartering a yacht without a skipper. For bareboat yacht charter you are obliged to have a valid sailing licence and all the necessary certificates, permits and documents that prove you can sail on your own.

Skippered yacht charter is ideal for non-experienced sailors, and it means chartering a yacht with a skipper.

Crewed yacht charter means chartering a yacht with a captain (skipper), a cook and a hostess.

A cabin charter means chartering only a cabin and not the entire yacht. This means that you will be sharing a boat with other people. Usually, there is only a skipper on board but sometimes there is a hostess as well. When it comes to a cabin charter on a gulet, then you will have a fully crewed charter.

You need to hire a skipper for your sailing week if you do not own an adequate skipper licence for the destination and boat you are chartering. A skipper is a person responsible for your safety and the navigation. You can think of a skipper as a professional sailor who will make sure you have the best sailing holiday possible.

There are three main types of skipper licences: ICC (International Certificate of Competence), IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) and RYA. Obtaining a skipper licence requires you to go through short training and pass a test.
It is also important to make sure if your licence is valid in the country where you're chartering a yacht.

To hire a skipper, simply tell your booking agent that you need to hire one. Your booking agent will do all the rest, and the skipper will be waiting for you in the marina the day your holiday is starting.

Skipper services usually range from € 150 to € 250 per day + meals for the skipper, depending on the destination.

Skipper sleeps onboard along with the rest of the crew. Being the most responsible member of the crew, skipper needs a good rest and quality food. That's why you must make sure skipper has a cabin where (s)he can sleep and (at least) one hot meal a day. You should treat a skipper with respect and as a part of your crew.

You can hire a hostess and a cook. They are paid extra. Hostess is in charge of day-to-day cleaning, making simple breakfast or a light lunch, assisting the skipper, doing the shopping, etc. A professional cook makes three meals a day. However, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to provide each member of the crew with a sleeping cabin and at least one hot meal a day.

Hostess services cost from €150 - € 200 per day + meals for the hostess, depending on the destination.

Cook services cost from €150 - € 220 per day + meals for the cook, depending on the destination.

Short and obvious answer to that question is the summertime. However, lately early fall is becoming increasingly popular with sailors. Also, a big part of the answer to this question lies in the place where you are going sailing and the sailing season.  

Sailing season in the Mediterranean is usually from April to October/November.  

Sailing season in the Caribbean and certain exotic destinations is usually from December to April.

There are few ways to book a boat. In general, the booking procedure is that 50% of the boat price is necessary as a down payment to confirm the reservation. The most economical way is to make a bank transfer, but you can make the payment with a credit card as well. In case you would rather pay by credit card, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Diners, JCB and Maestro. You can book a boat directly on our website or one of our agents can send you all the necessary information to your email address.

The boat price includes only the boat without any additional extras. The boat price includes the first and the last night in the marina. Therefore, keep in mind the obligatory extras need to be paid on top of the boat price (such as Charter Pack/Transit Log/Final Cleaning service, tourist tax) and a deposit to be blocked from your credit card. The price of the bareboat yacht charter does not include marina fees/mooring fees (except for the first and last night in the marina), fuel, water consumption, food and beverages and any hired crew members.

Some charter companies allow you to bring your pet with you for an additional fee. Therefore, before booking a boat, ask if pets are allowed. However, some charter companies have limitations regarding the size of the pet so make sure in advance that your pet's size is accepted.

A security deposit is an amount of money which is blocked on your credit card and released if there is no damage made to the boat upon its return. Some charter companies have a policy that the accept only security deposit in cash. Instead of a security deposit, some charter companies offer a damage waiver which consists of a refundable deposit and a non-refundable part. In this case, the refundable portion is much smaller compared to the security deposit.

The dingy is included in the boat price but sometimes the outboard engine for the dinghy is not. In that case, you can take the outboard engine at an extra cost.

Other extras you can take on top of the boat price is a skipper, hostess, chef, early check-in, SUP (Stand up paddle), snorkelling equipment, fishing equipment, provisioning and many more. Please check before which extras the charter company offers for your selected boat.

APA is Advanced Provisioning Allowance. Usually, APA is required for bigger and crewed sailing boats, catamarans, and motor yachts. APA is usually 30% of the boat price which you pay together with the boat, and it is used for full, marina fees, food, beverages etc.

Some charter companies offer Wi-Fi within their Charter package, and some offer it as an optional extra. Therefore, it is best that you check if there is Wi-Fi on board and if it is an additional cost.

The total sum of fuel costs for your trip depends on many factors. Firstly, it mostly depends on the boat type, fuel consumption and cruising hours. Motor yachts consume a lot of fuel while sailing yachts consume a minimal amount as you can cruise by the power of sails.

Many new boats have air conditioning. If air condition is necessary for you, please mention it while you are searching for your boat as not all boats have it. Boats with air-condition usually cost more than the ones without it.

Some boats have electricity, but it is best to check the specifications of the boat. Some boats have a generator and inverter so you can change your devices while sailing but if not, you can always go to the marina and connect to shore power.

You can choose your own route and places you would like to visit during your sailing trip. Alternatively, you can choose one of our predefined sailing routes, carefully selected to showcase the best sights and experiences the area has to offer. Please check the weather forecast before to see if your initially planned itinerary is feasible. The weather in this case has the last say.

No, you do not need to go the marina every night. You can go to the marina if you would like to fill up the water tanks, empty the waste, and use the shore power for electricity.

A standard charter period is a period from Saturday to Saturday. The boat prices are optimized on a Saturday - Saturday basis. If you would like to charter a boat outside the standard charter period, most charter companies will define the prices on a two-week sailing period. Exceptions are only possible in shoulder season. The standard charter period is a rule for Mediterranean, while in The Caribbean is more flexible, you can charter yachts any day of the week.

Yes, it is safe to take your kids aboard. They will get life vest according to their size. Also, you can take a safety net at an additional cost.

It is best to check the cancelation terms before making the reservation. In most cases the charter companies are not flexible regarding changing the dates or cancelations and charge a rebooking or cancelation fee.

If there is any damage to the boat during your trip you should contact the charter company and their base manager immediately.

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