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Betina – a Calm Harbor with a Shipbuilding Tradition

The island of Murter is located in the central Adriatic, the most popular sailing area in Croatia. Easily accessible from here are other interesting Dalmatian islands, as well as several national parks. An excellent starting point for a journey across the area would be Marina Betina, situated on the island. The marina offers excellent services to its visitors, and has an intimate and calm atmosphere. Visit and see for yourself!

ACI Jezera – A Pleasant Marina

ACI Jezera is a marina connected to the mainland by a drawbridge, easily accessible by road. It is situated in the village Jezera on the SE shores of the island Murter, NW part of the Šibenik archipelago. It is an excellent starting point for a cruise.

All a Yachtsman Needs – Marina Hramina

Marina Hramina is located on the island of Murter, in the town of the same name. Murter is connected to the Croatian mainland by a bridge, so it is simple to reach. The Marina contains everything a yachtsman needs: various maintenance services, accommodation, a restaurant, etc. To find more about it, read the following post.

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