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Famous for cigars, palm beaches, rum, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, Cuba has spots along the coastline ideal for sailing, as well marinas that provide great opportunities for water sports fans. You can go scuba diving, sailing, yachting, cruising as well as enjoy various beach sports.

The name Cuba is either derived from Taíno word cubao meaning "where fertile land is abundant" or coabana meaning "a great place". Even Christopher Columbus described it as the most beautiful place that any human had ever seen. This sailing holiday destination is in fact an archipelago of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, one of the largest salt water seas and one of the best seas for sailing in the world.

Say hello to this tropical paradise and create sailing memories.

Sailing in Cuba

Yacht Charter in Cuba

Yacht charter in Cuba offers you perfect conditions for an amazing sailing vacation. Cuban predominantly tropical climate is moderated by northeasterly trade winds which blow throughout the year and enable sailing all year round. Besides its palm beaches and beautiful scenery, your sailing holiday in Cuba will also offer you a glimpse of the country's exciting and turbulent history, as well as its cultural peculiarities. This insular country is well known for its musical tradition as well - salsa, rumba, mambo and cha-cha-cha are all connected to Cuba.

Temperatures and Sailing Conditions

When sailing in Cuba, you can enjoy in two different seasons. From November to May (winter) you can expect temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. From May to November (summer) you can enjoy higher temperatures around 27-28 degrees Celsius.

Prepare clothes for rainy weather if you are planning to sail in Cuba during summer months as short heavy rains can occur. If you are used to mild winds, think again about a Cuba yacht charter as northeasterly winds can blow up to 25 knots.

Charter Types in Cuba

Bareboat charter is the most popular yacht charter types in general. Sailors all over the world like to explore various sailing destinations, and Cuba is no exception. Make sure you have a valid sailing license and a bit of experience behind the helm to have a comfortable stay during sailing in Cuba.

Cabin charter is a good choice for those who would like to rent a cabin on a yacht and meet like-minded people. The yacht will have a dedicated skipper on board, and the costs of sailing in Cuba will be divided between the crew.

Crewed charter can either consider only a skipper, but also a crew of several people taking care of the boat and guests in Cuba. Choose this option if you would like to indulge into as much free time at sea as possible.

Rich History and Beautiful Nature of Cuba

Many do not know that Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus, but now you know! There are a lot of different nations that will gladly welcome you and offer you the best possible experience during sailing in Cuba. This is why you can expect a small melting pot of cultures with amazing cuisines.

Visit Cienfuegos, an oceanfront city with crystal-clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and imposing Spanish colonial architecture. El Nicho waterfalls is a nature highlight you do not want to miss during your Cuba yacht charter.

You can practice a lot of watersports in Cuba, but the most popular one would be scuba diving.

Important Information Before Going to Cuba

Make your Cuba yacht charter convenient by learning about what to do before the trip.

If you are coming from the US, please advise on non-US insurance and a tourist card required for staying in Cuba. For those thinking in cash, it is also required to declare cash amounts over $ 5,000. Note that US credit/debit cards and American Express are not accepted in Cuba. This is why you will most probably have to convert your currency into Cuban Convertible Peso.

Since many sailors like fish while sailing, note that during your Cuba yacht charter it will be forbidden to fish lobsters and fish with a harpoon in general.

When you are done with sailing in Cuba for a day, feel free to take a bus route or a vintage taxi ride to explore the area. Prepare your phones with offline maps and information because there might be a scarcity of internet connection in Cuba.

Why to go Sailing in Cuba

  • Exciting Havana and its nightlife
  • Beautiful white sand beaches
  • Adventurous snorkeling and scuba diving experience
  • Delicious local seafood
  • New sailing destination every day
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The Sailing Beginners - Complete Guide for First Time Sailors

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Best time to sail

November - April

Number of boat bases


Closest airports

Havana (HAV), Cienfuegos (CFG), Cayo Coco (CCC), Cayo Largo (CYO)


Cuban Peso (CUP), Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)

Languages spoken



Old Havana, Varadero, Trinidad, Cayo Coco Beach, Paradise Beach, Cayo Largo del Sur Island, Vinales Valley National Park, Santa Clara Town

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